Elegant and Intimate Dining at The Winebar at Cafe 1771

I’ve excitedly discovered a restaurant in the heart of Ortigas where the dishes are oh so good, the service is excellent and the interiors are a thumbs-up. So When in Manila, and you’re looking for somewhere to eat in El Pueblo where you’re aiming for intimate dining and good food, you can’t go wrong with The Winebar at Cafe 1771. It is located at the floor atop Cafe 1771 and its somewhat secluded location makes it all the more a safe haven when you reach it. The Winebar at Cafe 1771 caters to both private parties and intimate dining for its guests.

First to greet you is the which automatically entices you to fancy the menu choices that can be paired with the array of wines available. Don’t worry, they do have a resident sommelier to help you out.


The interiors take inspiration from high end bars in New York while deviating from the loud and noisy connotations that are mostly associated with the word “bar”. True enough, the interiors immediately give you a sense of comfort and elegance as soon as you step into the dining area.



The ambience is subdued and somber, the furniture feature classic lines, tufted leather seats and are mostly in dark wood.

Adorning the doors and walls are brick claddings and digital impressions of books which gives you the impression that you are sitting in a very luxurious home.


There are two big function rooms on the side and two cozy alcove seating by the window. This was where we were asked to sit. It was very nice. The shelf of books dividing the two spaces complete the look. My only comment is that the table should have been rectangular and not circular, this way at least two people can seat themselves on the couch while allowing more space for menu dishes on the table.


Now onto the food, first up were pizza and a platter of oysters as appetizers.

The Salbacho (Php 380) is comprised of salami, bacon and chorizo toppings. It was thin crust and spiced right according to my taste. Can’t go wrong with a 1771 staple.


The Oyster Rockefeller (Php 550) became easily my favorite dish. I love oysters whether fresh or baked! This however was exceptional, as soon as you bite into it, you can immediately tell that they’ve chosen the best oysters there are. They’re still sweet and balanced out by a little saltiness from the cheese and bacon. A MUST order.


Next up was the Winebar Burger (Php 410). My first impression was that the patty was really thick!! Then I noticed curiously that it was paired with a side of bone marrow on the side. We all raised our eyebrows at that. That is some weird paring but hey don’t knock it til you try it. This one was really good although, I found that the patty didn’t really hold its shape that well, when it crumbles it becomes too messy to eat. Still, it tasted pretty good.




I’m not much of a pasta lover but the Spicy Spaghetti Sardines (Php 350) that they next served us would be a hit for people who love pasta. I love that they’re serving something a little bit different from the usual spaghetti dishes that we see.


Pizza and spaghetti meals wouldn’t be complete without a dish of Spicy Buffalo Wings with Blue Cheese Dip (Php 380). Eat this while it’s hot. Wings are best to be enjoyed while the skin is still crispy. Oh and my oh my, this one goes on my list of best buffalo wings ever tasted.


Finally, with so little room to spare in our already growing full tummies, the Grilled Angus Ribeye steak (Php 1300) with a side of Sweet Potato Pumpkin Mash (Php 150) completed the meal. This one is another MUST order. The meat was perfectly cooked and grilled. I couldn’t get enough of it, selfishly I can eat the whole thing. Haha.



For dessert, we sampled two kinds. The Coffee Pie which was the signature dessert of Chateau 1771 and the Mango Tower which was my pick.

Look how delightful the Coffee Pie (Php 220) was served! It looked and tasted as scrumptious as it is in the picture. Now I understand why it became their signature dessert. As a coffee lover myself, the coffee taste is very prominent and gets a thumbs up from me.



The Mango Tower (Php 200) also tasted good. It’s just a bit hard to get through that circle of dark chocolate ring but as soon as you do, attack the crumbles and the blend of mango and cream was very delightful for the tastebuds.



My friends and I went home with very fond memories of our meal at The Winebar at Cafe 1771. Our full tummies can attest to that. The people who attended to us were very polite and pleasant and that made our dining experience all the more worthwhile. When in Manila and you’re looking to dine somewhere elegant and want to come home with great memories of good food, I highly recommend The Winebar at Cafe 1771. I guarantee that you’ll get the same delightful experience.


The Winebar at Cafe 1771
2nd Floor of Café 1771, El Peublo Real de Manila, Corner of J.Vargas and ADB avenues
Reservations: 631-7340 and 39


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