Edsa Shangri-La’s Paparazzi Features Faulty Towers: the Funniest Dining Experience Ever

WhenInManila.com was extremely fortunate to have enjoyed the funniest dinner of their life after dining at Edsa Shangri-La’s Paparazzi on Thursday October 2nd.   Paparazzi was the stage for three brilliant actors to thoroughly entertain a large group of enthusiastic diners.  So, if you love to laugh, and enjoy great food and wine, then Faulty Towers Dinner Theatre Production is a must do this weekend.

When_In_Manila_Faulty_Towers_Live_Dinner_Theatre at paparazzi_Shangri-La EDSA_Dinner theatre

Laughter is the best medicine and this is exactly what’s on the menu for dinner this Friday October 3rd and Saturday for lunch and dinner on October 4th.  You don’t have to be a fan of the legendary 70’s sitcom Fawlty Towers (starring comedic genius John Cleese) to have a great time.  You will be thoroughly entertained by a wonderfully inter-active dinner-show that highlights the improvisational skills of Rob Langston as Basil, Karen Hamilton as Sybil and Anthony Sottile as Manuel.   They have toured to over 20 countries with recent sold out seasons at the Sydney Opera House and Royal Albert Hall in the UK.

 When_In_Manila_Faulty_Towers_Live_Dinner_Theatre at paparazzi_Shangri-La EDSA_Table top Manuel

Manuel dances on the table top at Edsa Shangri-La’s Paparazzi.  

Besides laughter being the main item on the menu at Paparazzi, Executive Sous Chef Robert Cauchi prepared a delightful 4 course menu with pre-dinner canapes also served.  I personally enjoyed all my dishes with the highlight being the Caprese Salad (served with fresh Basil) paired with a Western Australian Cape Mentelle Sauvignon Blanc/Semilon 2013.

When_In_Manila_Faulty_Towers_Live_Dinner_Theatre at paparazzi_Shangri-La EDSA_Caprese Salad

Also delicious was the Potage of Potato and Leek with slow Cooked Duck Leg Croquette.  The guests had to sprinkle their own parsley into their soup after Manuel dumped it onto the table before it arrived!

Two “lucky” diners also had their soup served with the chef’s missing dentures!

Edsa ShangriLa Paparazzi Features Faulty Towers Funniest Dining Experience Ever WhenInManila

“Salmon “Aqua Puzzle Style.” Creamy polenta, olive, and fresh herbs with sauteed fine bean plus a laugh out loud show here at @EDSAShangrila #EdsaShangChapters #FaultyTowersPH” said our editor @VinceGolangco on Instagram

When_In_Manila_Faulty_Towers_Live_Dinner_Theatre at paparazzi_Shangri-La EDSA_DIY garnish

To round off the delightful dinner was a main course of Fresh Fish on top of Creamy Polenta and Sauteed Fine Beans and a tasty dessert of Tiramisu then coffee or tea.   Menu is priced at Php3,450 net, and Php5,000 net with wine pairing.  The wines were from Best World Beverages and also featured Cape Mentelle Chardonnay and Cabernet Sauvignon/Merlot.

When_In_Manila_Faulty_Towers_Live_Dinner_Theatre at paparazzi_Shangri-La EDSA_plate clearing!

Despite the quality of the food and wine, the real highlight of the night were the actors.

Our marvelously incompetent waiter Manuel simply dumped the empty soup cups in front of Sheila and then proceeded to show us the “Professional” way of clearing them.  Javy Infante (the CEO of the hospitality school Enderun Colleges) was seated nearby but he was not too shocked by such service that  is the opposite to what is taught at Enderun. Interestingly, sketches of John Cleese from Monty Python and Fawlty Towers are used as teaching aids to the students on what not to do, say and act.

 When_In_Manila_Faulty_Towers_Live_Dinner_Theatre at paparazzi_Shangri-La EDSA_Manuel

I do not wish to spoil the fun for those who will enjoy this fabulous dining experience but you might want to be prepared for butter being thrown at you, fire extinguishers going off, nibbling Manuel’s nuts, Basil being arrogant, Sybil being loud and rats.  I am kidding about the rats but you might wish to see one of the most famous Faulty Towers episodes here.

When_In_Manila_Faulty_Towers_Live_Dinner_Theatre at paparazzi_Shangri-La EDSA_Laughing Crowd

WhenInManila.com highly recommends that you take your required dose of laughter this weekend at Paparazzi for the wonderfully entertaining Faulty Towers Dinner Theatre.  Paparazzi is the stage for three marvelous actors to thoroughly entertain you. They also have a great support crew in the service staff at Paparazzi, who did a brilliant job, the chefs who cooked a memorable 4-course meal, and some quality wine to help the atmosphere remain joyous.

When_In_Manila_Faulty_Towers_Live_Dinner_Theatre at paparazzi_Shangri-La EDSA_wine service!

Faulty Towers at Edsa Shangri-La, Manila

For inquiries or reservations, contact Paparazzi though (63 2) 633 8888

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Edsa Shangri-La’s Paparazzi Features “Faulty Towers”: the Funniest Dining Experience Ever


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