Valero Eat Street: Sprout, Sabao, and Bait’s at Salcedo Village

Salcedo Village in Makati has been a hotbed and has created a fair amount of buzz in the metro. It is littered with a roster of third wave coffee shops that are turning heads among caffeine junkies and hole-in-the-wall joints that has infiltrated our Instagram feeds with curated food porn and #EAAATS. This growing, fresh trend of the food industry has gained immense popularity that any city slicker can’t overlook a hipster establishment no matter how underground it is (thanks to Google Maps I reckon). What also puts this place on the map is the well-anticipated weekly Saturday Community Market flocked by foodies and even local artisans. 


Joining the throng of the west side is an eclectic line of new restaurants in Valero Street along Access Road 4. Antithesis to all the uber-hip identikit establishments that are sprawling up everywhere, the Mothership F&B Enterprise banks on the success of its predecessors (Crisp on 28th, Pink Panda, Red Light, Hatch 22, and Red Light) and now ventures into three new concepts that’s succinct and straightforward: Sprout, a fresh convenience store, Sabao, a soup bar, and Bait’s by Chef Joseph Margate, a market-driven restaurant. 




Greeting you with a quirky signage saying “Whoever snuck the S in fastfood is a sneaky little bastard,” Sprout fairly resembles a greenhouse with a warm light passing through the floor-to-ceiling glass windows and open-air fridge lined up its two walls. It started as an ambitious college thesis that tried to convince four professors that a fresh to-go retail food concept would work in a growing, fast-paced city. After seven years, that idea is now a reality. Sprout answers for quick, naturally made food on the go–giving you the utmost fresh convenience. 


Sprout’s advocacy is to spark a Fresh Revolution that will change everyone’s perspective on fast food and shift one’s eating habits to a well-balanced lifestyle. Fast food, teeming everywhere in the world, is every cardiologist’s nightmare as it implies over-processed items packed with preservatives and extenders, but Sprout has redefined ‘fast’ food by providing you with affordable and healthy fare at your convenience–they even offer deliveries within Makati!

Eatstreet_016Kale, Quinoa and Bean Salad (P360)

Eatstreet_017BBQ Chicken Salad (P250)

You can also make your own grain bowl if you feel a bit adventurous: Base (P200 for Red, Japanese, Brown & Corn Rice or P285 for Quinoa & Barley) + Grains + Protein + Vegetables + Sauces + Fresh Herbs + Toppings. The bread and butter of Sprout is that it is a healthy alternative for your breakfast, lunch, snack, and even dinner right within your reach.

Eatstreet_020Breakfast Option: Cafe Au Lait (P168), Rolled Oats (P158), Oatmeal Mango Crisp (P95) and Apple (P37)

Eatstreet_019Afterwork snacks: Deliciopoulus (P200), Broccoli and Beef Salpicao with Couscous (P275)
Fish Fillet Sandwich (P240), Spice Market Energy Shot (P63) and Lemon Thyme Pound Cake (P84)

Eatstreet_018Post-workout meal: Crudite with Garlic Ranch (P105), Steak Salad (P231), Chocolate Whey Protein Shake (P175), Mango Chia Pot (P165), Alkalizer (P150) and Peanut Butter & Oatmeal Crisp (P95)

Sprout has partnered with farms, nutritionists, and purveyors of produce so you won’t have to compromise between freshness and flavor. The team has meticulously created variety of recipes for salads, sandwiches, wraps, bowls, juices, energy shots, desserts, pots + pods, and smoothies, which are accurately labeled with ingredients and macronutrient count. The ingredients are locally sourced and are made from scratch every day in their happy base kitchen. Some of the dishes are excellent for weight loss, others created for a little indulgence, but most of it is just geared towards every day clean eating. New outlets will be sprouting up in the Metro to encourage you to join the movement and live a healthier lifestyle, no excuses.


Mon-Sat 8am-10pm, Sun 8am-8pm
@SproutPh #sproutmeup #freshnessonthego





Right next to Sprout is Sabao, a soup bar that has taken your homegrown Filipino favorites to the next level with their nontraditional discipline in cooking the soups. They claim to be a new wave of soup makers concentrating on local flavors like Sinigang, Tinola, Bulalo, Molo, Batchoy, and Binakol–without artificial flavors from powder or quick fixes that you can just buy from the groceries. The flavors are made rich and familiar by simmering the all-natural broth for 16 hours and cooking it separately from all the other ingredients, thus preventing other ingredients from being soggy and maintaining its texture and flavor. 


If Japan has ramen and Vietnam has Pho, Philippines has its traditional soups with flavors of equal potential. Think of customizing your own ramen, pretty much like loading up your own bowl of Sabao.


How do you #GetSabao? As soon as you enter the restaurant, you are given a menu and an order form wherein you are free to choose the sides and starches. Kanin atbp. goes on the side or in the soup and varies from Sotanghon, Canton, Misua, to Brown Rice, Red Rice, and Garlic White Rice.

Eatstreet_023Bulalo (P320): Beef broth, Soy Ginger-Braised Brisket, Toasted Marrow, Mixed Vegetables
Try it with Canton, Molo, Kang kong

Eatstreet_025Sinigang (P245 w/ Glazed Pork Belly, P320 w/ Soy Ginger Beef Brisket, P245 w/ Salmon or Poached Shrimp, P240 w/ Vegetables: Tamarind Broth, Sampaloc Sambal, Grilled Eggplant, Gabi, Greens, Siling Haba and your choice of meat
Try it with Red Rice, Crispy Sibuyas Tagalog

Eatstreet_026Tinola (P250): Chicken Broth, Seared Chicken, Crispy Chicken Skin, Malunggay-Basil Oil, Mixed Greens
Try it with Garlic Rice, Atsara, Wansoy

Eatstreet_022Binakol (P250): Chicken-coconut Broth, Grilled Chicken, Onion Relish, Red Bell Peppers, Dahon ng Sili, Garlic Chips, Ginger
Try it with Sotanghon, Fried Saba, Grilled Eggplant

Extra Toppings (Toppings Dito, Toppings Dito) like Toge, Kangkong, Patatas, Atsara, Tinoyong Itlog, Salmon, Crispy Balat ng Manok, and many more can be added to make your own bowl of soup more personalized. Other items in the menu include Noodle or Rice Bowls, Silog Series, Merienda, Baos, Platitos, Minatamis, and “Kanto Cocktails” that are perfect for after-work hangouts or even at any time of the day. Sabao is a fast, casual, higher end Filipino soup bar that, while knowing you still prefer your Nanay’s or Lola’s soups more than the others’, isn’t trying to compete because the soups served aren’t exactly the soups you grew up with. 


Mon-Sat 10am-10pm, Sun 11am-9pm
@sabaosoupbar #getsabao



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