Easy DIY Home Hacks For The Independent Millennial

Living alone for the first time can be scary, but who says it’s not doable? Here, we provide you baby steps, so you can ace #adulting, one hack at a time.


Top photo credit: JewelPie

4. Use shoe boxes as a divider. Who says your sneaker collection takes up too much space? Take out those boxes, cut them according to size, then use them as a divider inside your drawer for your stuff.

3. Hesitant to throw your childhood stuffed animals away? Hang them on the wall with velcro. Plus points for adding a quirky yet practical aesthetic!

2. Cooking for the first time? Use a pants hanger (the one with clips) to clip your cookbook or a recipe print-out, then hang on a kitchen cupboard while you cook.

1. Getting your keys mixed up? Paint the heads in different colors using nail polish. The best part is, you get to choose what colors you want!

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