E-Dance & Philippine Allstars “fUsEd” Performance Art: Modern Dance & Hip Hop

Two cultures. One platform.

In a world of chaos, there is a simple language that binds us all: movement. That is why E-Dance Theatre decided to take hip hop off the streets and merge it with modern/contemporary dance to tell a story.

fUSEd is a gamble on the single similarity between two different dance forms that are not normally associated with each other: the need to differentiate, the search for a unique expression. Hip hop is a product of communities looking for an identity in the streets where they felt free to express themselves, while modern dance is a break-away from the rigidities of classical ballet. Despite the varying techniques, E-dance bravely took the challenge to weave these two dance forms together in an effort to create a new dimension in performing arts.

fUSEd charms the audience through the creative portrayal of daily life. The nameless characters tell the story of you and me, the person right next to you on the train, the one you passed on the street on your way to work, the one you might bump into on your lunch break, fellow travelers going in, out, and along this chaotic world.

Born in 2002, E-Dance Theatre is a group of young independent artists seeking alternative spaces to enhance their technique and experiment with different forms of performing arts. Inspired by the growth of multi-media and interactive technology, and the contemporary dance tradition, E-dance engages in collaborative experiments with other artists from different fields, exploring the different approaches to creating dance.

When in Manila, support local performance arts. Check out the “fUSEd” dance performance where you’ll get to see a fusion of modern dance and hip hop. Also, do keep an eye out for the E-Dance Theatre group and the Philippine Allstars for any of their future performances.


November 12, 2010

Tanghalang Pasigueño, Pasig


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