Duterte Thinks Ending the Labor Contractualization is the Answer For Filipino Workers

Every aspiring presidential candidate has their own promise or plan for our beloved country. Whatever their intentions may be, we are always hopeful it would happen. Besides his plans to lessen the crimes by implementing a curfew, he also shared through a radio interview with DZMM, that he will end the “labor contractualization” if he wins in the 2016 election.


What is Labor Contractualization?

Have you heard about the 3-month or 6-month contracts being implemented by companies? In layman’s term, it means that regular workers will be replaced with temporary workers. This means, that instead of continuous employment, you will have a 3-month or 6-month contract to work for a company.

Of course, the wage is lower and less benefits.

These temporary workers are also sometimes referred to as:

  1. Contractual
  2. Trainees
  3. Apprentices
  4. Helpers
  5. Casuals
  6. Piece-raters
  7. Rank and file
  8. Agency-hired
  9. and Project employees

According to an article shared by Inquirer, the feisty and crime-buster Rodrigo Duterte believes that prolonging the “labor contractualization can affect and destroy workers and will instill lack of job security.

It was also mentioned in the article that this initiative is just one of his magnificent plans for our beloved country should he become the President of the Philippines.

How about you? Do you think it’s about time to end the labor contractualization?