DraLo (Drake + JLo) is the New Couple We Currently Have Our Eyes On

So this is really happening. Jennifer Lopez and Drake are together, and it’s like a match made in music hits heaven.

The two have been spotted together a lot in December, with Drake being seen two nights in a row at JLo’s shows in Las Vegas where she has a residency. And then, JLo was, in turn, spotted at an exclusive gathering organized by Drake. And theeeeen, THIS happened:

Drake and JLo both posted this photo of them cuddling on a couch on their Instagram accounts. WEW.

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Fans are freaking out, naturally.

Which got everyone (who cared) asking: SO ARE THEY TOGETHER?

And, as if to answer your question, during the holidays a Winter Wonderland ~prom party~ apparently happened, and of course Drake and JLo were there. The two were even crowned as prom king and queen! The two two kissed and danced as if to say, hell yeah we’re together and we’re awesome!

Here are is a peek from the night:

Message received, loud and clear.

Ship this new couple or not? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments!