[DRAFT] Photography Styles You Can Try at Home

Words and Images by Bryle Eusebio

Images by Paola Faith Simon

For beginner photographers, thinking of what subjects to capture is a bit hard sometimes–especially if you don’t have the right lighting equipment yet. In this article, you will learn some photography styles that you could try in the comforts of your own homes. I will also share some hacks to further enhance your photos as well.

Food photography

When taking food photos, aim for action shots. Images like this will not only make your photos stand out but it also sends an inviting signal to the audience as well. Pro tip: Try your best to add red and green elements since these colors entice the appetite.

Pet photography

Cute fur and paws can be considered gems when we find them on Facebook or Instagram. As the owners, capturing your puppers’ moments is one of the most effective ways of bonding with them. Additionally, playing the camera with your pets also reduces both your stress levels.

Rain Photography

Challenge your manual mode skills by capturing droplets in motion! Rain photography usually elicits a moody and dramatic appeal which has a powerful effect on the viewer. In doing rain shots, make sure to raise your shutter speed to prevent blurs in your image.

Hobby photography

Taking photos of your ukulele or paintings would deepen your bond with these hobbies. Posting snapshots of yourself playing the skateboard or piano would also help to build connections with other hobbyists as well.


Speaking of connections, one way of strengthening rapport with your friends and family is by doing fun photoshoots with them. You don’t have to rent a studio or expensive lighting equipment to take great photos of your loved ones. Simple natural lighting and allowing your models to enjoy would result in stunning photos like the portrait above.

I believe that photographers are great storytellers. They can connect, relay, and retell our experiences, in the least number of words and the most magical way. Let us know what other kinds of photography you shoot indoors by commenting it below.


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