Up-and-Coming Photographers to Watch Out For in 2019

Photography is a hobby and a business that keeps on growing. With technology progressing everyday, more and more people are taking this hobby to the next level and making their dreams come true with one shutter click. With the heavy use of Instagram, photographers are getting more attention with their unique techniques, eye and of course, pure talent.

Here are some photographers that you should watch out for in 2019.

Up-and-Coming Photographers to Watch Out For in 2019

Al Amin

Instagram: @altaniameen

Al Amin

Also known as a videographer, Al has the talent for the visual arts. His works as a photographer are also notable as seen through his travel photos. At a young age, Al has been commissioned by different brands to make different kinds of content. His photos usually evoke feelings through their composition, colors, and subject.

Kevin Cayuca

Instagram: @kevincayucaph

Kevin Cayuca

A part of Master Photographer Xander Angeles’ Edge of Light Studio, Kevin Cayuca is a versatile talent that can take on any kind of photography. Most known in the world of fashion and travel photography, Kevin has constantly been reinventing his craft by learning new techniques and niches. He recently got into food photography, as well, where he showcases his mastery in light and composition.

Josa Camille Bassig

Instagram: @josabassig

Josa Bassig

Specializing in portraits, Josa is a young photographer that is breaking in the business head first. As a registered occupational therapist, Josa knows how to work around her clients. Her background has given her opportunities to connect with the people she photographs. She is often commissioned for commercial photography and her works have already been featured in different local media.

Gia Soriano

Instagram: @giaallana

Gia Soriano

Known in the K-industry, Gia Soriano specializes in events photography. She is the name behind some of the trending photos of K-stars. She has photographed Korean stars like Lee Jong-suk, Seventeen, Momoland, Minzy, Nam Joo-hyuk, G-Dragon, Park Shin-hye, and Dara, just to name a few. Aside from the K-fandom, Gia has also photographed the concerts of Harry Styles, Coldplay, Dua Lipa and Taylor Swift. Gia is a photographer for different media organizations and has also been a K-model for BonChon’s Korean Beef Stew.

Vyn Radovan

Instagram: @vynimalism

Vyn Radovan

As one of the regular photographers of ABS-CBN’s publishing titles Chalk and ABS-CBN Lifestyle and Sports, Vyn specializes in portraits and events photography. He takes photos of local and international celebrities during events or special shoots. He also takes on food and travel photography projects when his hectic schedule permits it.

Rainier Gonzales

Instagram: @rgvizuals

Rainier Gonzales

More commonly known as RGVizuals, this photographer specializes in street or urban photography. His photos have trended online and garnered a solid following of people who love to see urban living through the eyes of a young photographer. His long exposure shots of Manila streets have been a staple style for his photographs, but he has also ventured into taking lifestyle and fashion photos. He is one of the photographers that was featured by local publications in collaboration with an international shoe brand.

Kharren Granada

Instagram: @kharrengranada

Kharren Granada

Being the only female in-house photographer at Edge of Light Studio, Kharren Granada knows that she always needs to up her game. Her love for photography has led her to specialize in fashion photography and she is currently one of the most sought-after names when it comes to fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. At EOL, she is often commissioned for photo shoots and advertising requirements.

Juanico Fernandez

Instagram: @Juanicofernandez

Juanico Fernandez

If you love food and travel, this is the photographer for you. As a frequent traveler and a foodie, Juanico or Nico is always on the lookout for the newest restaurants or places that people have never been to before.

He always looks for different angles for his favorite travel destinations by using his camera, GoPro, and drone. As one of the resident photographers/writers of the website ‘Our Awesome Planet’, Nico can take you on an adventure through his photos.

Ralph Lee

Instagram: @ralphleephotography

Screen Shot 2019 01 22 at 3.54.54 PM

Weddings are a big business all around the world and Ralph Lee is one of the young photographers that is making his mark in the industry. Though he specializes in weddings, Ralph has also had experience in taking sports photos and portraits of some of the biggest athletes in the Philippines. He has these works published in different newspapers and magazines. Ralph’s wedding photos give different perspectives, especially when it comes to destination weddings and pre-nuptial shoots.

Jilson Tiu

Instagram: @jilson.tiu

Screen Shot 2019 01 22 at 4.04.16 PM

Jilson has a special eye for photos. His photos of Manila are always thought-provoking and have a different kind of perspective. Though everyday urban living can be seen everywhere, Jilson shows it beautifully through his photos. The streets are his playground; this kid is truly one to watch out for.

Mike Gella

Instagram: @mikehellyah.studio

Screen Shot 2019 01 22 at 4.14.27 PM

Known as a fashion photographer, Mike Gella is really a force to reckon with. At a young age, he has landed magazine covers and features that showcase his expertise in the craft. Mike has photographed some of our favorite celebrities like Maymay Entrata, Maris Racal, Ruru Madrid, and Jake Cuenca, just to name a few.

Martin San Diego

Instagram: @martinsandiego

Screen Shot 2019 01 27 at 9.57.16 PM

A correspondent for Rappler, Martin San Diego prides himself on being a photo journalist. His photos don’t just tell stories; they also evoke emotions in everyone who looks at them. With a signature feel for his photos, Martin often finds himself showing the different sides of Filipino living – from Marawi to the pride march to different provinces – each with a unique story to tell.

Dennis Robert

Screen Shot 2019 01 27 at 10.07.33 PM

An event stylist, a food stylist, and a photographer – this is Dennis Robert. His works greatly showcase his dedication for his craft as he knows how to perfectly compose his subjects with props. Though styling can be a whole new different job, Dennis does all of this himself so that he can visualize the final output of his works, especially if they are commissioned. He has been commissioned by the likes of SM and Fino leatherware.

Mars Guisala

Website: https://www.marsguisala.com

Screen Shot 2019 01 27 at 10.14.20 PM

If you love food, Mars Guisala is someone you should follow. She specializes in food photography and has been commissioned by different brands to take photos of their food for commercial and social media use. We consider Mars as an all-around superwoman as she is also a food stylist.

Vince Tanching

Instagram: @theurbanwanderer

Screen Shot 2019 01 27 at 10.28.37 PM

Traveling never looked this good. Vince will guide you through different urban jungles of the world. His photos of UST’s Paskuhan is very iconic to students and anyone who waits for the event every year. He is a proud Nikon user and holds speaking engagements to teach photography to everyone who is passionate about it.

Dennis Murillo

Instagram: @thedennismurillo

Screen Shot 2019 01 27 at 10.39.40 PM

Traveling around the Philippines, Dennis takes photos of the most wonderful places. His photos of landscapes and seascapes are postcard-worthy and will make you want to travel stat. He also has landscape photography videos on YouTube, so you can see the ideation process and how his photos are developed.

Cholo Isungga

Instagram: @alterstar

Screen Shot 2019 01 27 at 11.05.10 PM 1

Not just a photographer, Cholo is also a videographer. His works vary from urban to portrait to landscapes. His photo and video works are commissioned by different brands – a name synonymous to great work and ethics.

Know any other photographers who should be on this list?