Doug Kramer Shares How He and Wife Chesca Made Their Relationship Last 19 Years


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Doug and Chesca Kramer have been together for 19 years and married for 14. They recently celebrated these two anniversaries, and he shared on Instagram the things that have worked for them as a couple.

He said, “So hard to imagine that we’ve been together for 19 years today! It all started October 9, 2003!”

Doug added, “I decided to list down what has worked for @chekakramer and I, the past 19 years as a couple. It might work for you too!”

He started, “We started our very first conversation by talking for 7 hours straight! And up today, our date nights still consist of spending time and talking for hours and hours! So undivided time together is essential. Date your wife!”

Doug also highlighted the importance of laughter, saying, “We still laugh together so much! Even at each other’s jokes, even if the kids find it so baduy.”

When they fight, they don’t make it last over a day. He said, “We always CHOOSE to fix our arguments after cooling down.”

Doug also said, “We respect each other’s roles. I choose to focus on how I can cherish and love her. While she focuses on how she can respect and love me. Chesca’s still my no.1 cheerleader!”

Here are more of their tips:

– We always try to look our best for each other. That’s why we’re still each other’s “crush.”

– We have never talked down on each other during heated arguments. Speak life, not speak down.

– We have never ever fought about money, not even when we were in debt and in need.

– Lastly, we pray together and continually acknowledge we need Jesus because of how imperfect we are. His grace sustains us and makes us want to work on our marriage every single day.

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