DOTA 2 player’s open letter to fellow players

It’s the Pinoy that is ruining the game”

Posted in Peenoise Republic’s Facebook page, this is one sentence that can grab anyone’s attention when they read this open letter from an unnamed DOTA 2 gamer addressing the DOTA 2’s ever-toxic SEA server.


The open letter, which expresses the writer’s grievances in DOTA 2 SEA server’s very toxic community, tries to call to fellow gamers to stop blaming each other and to take responsibility for their mistake to make the community less toxic and make the server more fun to play in.

It is the blaming attitude/mentality that made SEA the most toxic server in DOTA 2. Everyone in SEA thinks highly of themselves and whenever there’s a mistake it must be someone else that is causing the issue instead of you. The letter said.

The letter also says that many players — even professional players — agree that the South East Asian server is one of the worst servers:

SEA region is infamous for having a toxic community when it comes to DOTA 2. I believe everyone who played in the SEA server agrees that the SEA server is one of the worst server. Even pro players all over the world that actually tried SEA server speaks ill about SEA server.

For the writer, one way to make the server less toxic is for gamers to be more encouraging:

Your game is your responsibility. If the match you queue into sucked, you are part of the problem too. Stop blaming your team-mates, encourage them to play better next game. Where you are born doesn’t decide whether you are a pro at DOTA 2 or not, it is how you play and your attitude towards the game that decided what kind of player you are.

Of course, the writer admits that there will always be toxic players, but players shouldn’t try to be one of those toxic players:

Don’t get me wrong there will always be toxic players, but you don’t have to be one. If you are complaining about how SEA sucks, then start to check yourself. I believe if even 1 person decided to stop blaming and trash talking, the server will be a lot better in the future. 

You can read the full letter here.

Do you think the writer’s claims are right? if so, how do you think players can make DOTA 2’s SEA server less toxic?