Donut Burger: World Famous Specialty at Offbeat Cafe


When In Manila, there are many quirky food choices you should try out and the Offbeat Burger at the Offbeat Cafe is one of them!


I really have this insane sweet tooth. I love cakes, doughnuts, ice cream, cookies.. The list goes on and on. I also love burgers. It’s usually what I order from fast food joints when my friends and I eat out.


Now, I was browsing around Facebook last Monday night and I stumbled upon this Facebook page of Offbeat Cafe and what caught my attention was the burger that not had buns for its bread, but Krispy Kreme original donuts! At first I thought, “What the heck, how will that thing taste like?” But here’s a burger with a donut, a fusion of the 2 food I absolutely love! I saw the address of Offbeat Cafe and it’s at The Collective in Makati so I thought why not try it out. I was really curious to what it tasted like.


Come the next day, I dropped by at the Offbeat Cafe after work. 


Offbeat Cafe Signage

 The signage outside Offbeat Cafe


When I entered, the first thing that caught my attention was the nice wall decorations! They really add to the nice ambiance of Offbeat Cafe.


Offbeat Cafe Decoration

 I want this painting in my room!


OfCafe Wall Decoration

My mother would love this. She has a thing for earth-themed metal ornaments. 


Offbeat Cafe Wall Decoration

 More paintings!


The space at Offbeat Cafe is small so this place is perfect for intimate gatherings.


Offbeat Cafe Interiors

Counter top seating


Offbeat Cafe Interiors

Dining area


After looking around the place, my burger has arrived! It’s the infamous donut burger with an all beef patty with cheese, bacon, and a sunny side up egg sandwiched in between a glazed donut. It comes with fries on the side. I was looking at it for a long time and trying to figure out in my mind how it would taste like.


Joey Suaco, the owner of Offbeat Cafe, happened to be there too and hanging out with his friends. I heard him say “The Offbeat Burger is insane! I mean, donut on a hamburger?” Insane indeed, but people keep coming back for it!


Offbeat Burger

The honey-glazed donut is screaming “Eat me, the Offbeat Burger! I’m delicious!”


Offbeat Burger

Well, who am I to resist?


 So after taking the first bite, I had a few minutes to process the taste. I was like “This thing is weird. But it tastes good! But it’s still weird. But good.” Well, that’s the only two words I figured would describe the taste of it. It’s an explosion of flavors in your mouth that you wouldn’t think would blend well together.


Offbeat Cafe Raspberry Ice Tea 

Drink for the night, Raspberry Ice Tea


Offbeat Cafe Menu

Offbeat Cafe Menu


Another great thing about Offbeat Cafe is their fine selection of beers. Local and imported beer are available for that ultimate bonding session with your friends!


Offbeat Cafe Beer Gallery

I wish our fridge at home was like this!


There are many books, magazines, comic books, and games that you and your companions can do while at Offbeat Cafe. They have this little corner of recreational activities. 


Offbeat Burger Recreational Activities

Games and magazines!


Offbeat Burger Recreational Activities

Books and comics! I see Avengers and FHM there. The men approve!


Offbeat Cafe Bottle Chandelier

Really nice bottle chandelier


I got to talk for a while with Offbeat Cafe’s main man Joey Suaco. He said Offbeat Cafe has been around at The Collective for one and a half years. I really think it suits The Collective ambiance because of its quirky interiors and intimate space for friends to hang out. The chef who conceptualized the menu of Offbeat Cafe was Chef Mickey Wineke.  So he was the man behind the Offbeat Burger. I wonder how he thought about it. Maybe he loves donuts and hamburgers like I do!


Offbeat Cafe Joey Suaco

Joey Suaco (farthest from left) with his friends


When In Manila, you should definitely drop by at Offbeat Cafe to  experience the quirky ambiance of the place and the flavorful explosion of the Offbeat Burger!




7274 Malugay Street Makati City 1203

Facebook Page:



Offbeat Cafe: Home of the World Famous Donut Burger