Donnalyn Bartolome Defends Alex Gonzaga, Says She’s ‘Humble’ and ‘Kindhearted’

Donnalyn Bartolome jumped to the defense of vlogger Alex Gonzaga on an Instagram post after Alex found herself involved in a controversy with Lolit Solis and GMA celebrities Ken Chan and Rita Daniela.

“Share ko lang experience ko kay Alex, this is the perfect time to tell all of you about this,” Donnalyn began on her post.

She went on to share the story of how she got Alex to be part of her music video for “Di Lahat” and what her experience working with Alex was like.

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“Me and Alex don’t know each other personally. I love her personality and I wanted her to be a part of my music video [for] ‘Di Lahat’ to represent the skinny girls with me. I sent her a DM and, to my surprise, she replied ‘Hello!! No problem!! Go!!’ [and] ‘Wuhooo!! Congrats in advance’ and gave me her RM’s number to coordinate,” she said.

“But on the day of the shoot, she had an emergency wisdom tooth extraction, the right side of her face was swollen and it would have been understandable if she cancels. We were just waiting for her RM to say it. BUT NO. She insisted to be there, I witnessed her swollen face and you can see sa mata niya she’s not feeling well but she made sure she made me feel like I wasn’t a bother,” she continued.

Donnalyn also shared how Alex, though in pain, still gave her all in her dance with Donnalyn for the music video as seen on the Instagram clip.

Siya pa ang apologetic!! Jusko po ang humble,” she gushed. “Sino ba ako? No teleseryes, different management, less following, she had nothing to gain!”

Donnalyn ended her post to express her gratitude to Alex and to praise her for being so kindhearted.

“Can’t thank you enough [Alex]! SHE DIDN’T EVEN ACCEPT HER TOKEN for her appearance and we know how valuable her time is. Kindhearted people are often misunderstood, but we should realize people only understand from their level of perception and they deserve no explanation,” she added.

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Alex became the subject of showbiz headlines after Lolit called her out for allegedly snubbing Ken and Rita during a meeting in Mindanao, which Alex has denied.

When asked to comment about it, Ken and Rita neither confirmed nor denied the incident but hoped that people stopped making it a bigger issue than what it is.

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