Dona Jovita Garden Resort: A Nature’s Gateway in Laguna

Summer is fast approaching and within a few weeks time, our long wait will be finally over. Just imagine that dream summer getaway: the hot sun, a wide crystal clear pool, nature’s beauty and breaths of fresh clean air from the mountaintops. It would be a luxury just to experience a day of THIS just for once. Since it’s summer, the perfect season to have a vacation, let’s seize the moment and make time to enjoy this warm climate. 

To those who are also stressed out with the daily grind of work or school and just want to have a nice, peaceful, stress-free vacation, might I suggest an out-of-town getaway with your loved ones? Mountain trekking with the barkada, perhaps? Or maybe soothing yourself in a relaxing hot spring on a cool summer’s night? Time to wander outside Manila and discover a traveler’s haven in the south that offers the relaxation and serenity that most of us need. Just add Dona Jovita Garden Resort to your next itinerary.


Dona Jovita 23


An hour drive away from Manila to Calamba, Laguna and just near the foothills of Mt. Makiling stands Dona Jovita Garden Resort. Besides being accredited by the Department of Tourism as a class A resort, this rustic yet majestic resort offers its pioneers an experience that is truly unlike any other.


Dona Jovita 24

Dona Jovita 18


With a huge 2.5-hectares lot, they offer nine swimming pools (including a hot spring jacuzzi), fully-furnished air conditioned rooms and affordable cottages, beautiful greenery perfect for nature tripping and various sports amenities including:

  • Rappelling
  • Zipline
  • Horse Back Riding
  • Hiking
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Badminton and many more…




Dona Jovita 16

Appreciate nature’s wonders in a resort

Dona Jovita 54

An abundant number of plants and flowers caught my attention. Beautiful!


Just recently, I had a 2 day and 1 night stay there and I can definitely say it was just the medication I needed at the time. Before going to Laguna, I first met the creative writer for Dona Jovita Garden Resort, Ms. Marlene, along with her son. We traveled via their private van to Dona Jovita (also available for pickup within Manila).

After an hour or less, we finally reached the resort. I was warmly welcomed by Ms. Marlene and their friendly staff. To my surprise, it was the biggest resort I’ve been to and I was surely excited to roam around the place.

At the time, remnants of the Chinese New Year celebration were still there: Chinese Lanterns, Ang pao-decorated trees and a cute Chinese New Year-inspired photo booth. There was actually a repeat performance for that day like a post celebration for those who didn’t make it to the actual Chinese New Year. It was something I looked forward to but I visited my room first…


Dona Jovita 50One of their Mediterranean rooms


Inspired by Southern European architecture, it is inclusive of 2 Single beds, Aircon, Cable TV, Toilet, Bath with Water Heater in Shower and a Bath tub.

After settling my bags, it was time for a short tour around the resort!


Dona Jovita 58A Garden Getaway

Dona Jovita 20 A Mediterranean Escape


There are two different settings to choose from at Dona Jovita: a Garden Getaway or a Mediterranean Escape.

A Garden Getaway is the ultimate paradise for families, and nature-lovers. Take a swim in one of their pools, visit their tree house or just take a relaxing nature walk to soothe the soul.

The environment was alive and everybody was having a good time. In one of the cottages, there was karaoke going on; in, another a family picnic; and the swimming pools never seemed to be vacant.


Dona Jovita 60

Dona Jovita 59


A Mediterranean Escape’s peacefulness will set you in the mood to unwind and relax. A home to palm trees and exotic flowers, it is suitable for more intimate gatherings such as seminars, weddings, and anniversaries.

 Dona Jovita 12

With some decorations, this could turn out to be a great wedding venue! 🙂


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