New Dog Treats Are Here for Your Furbabies

If there’s one thing about our furry friends we can all agree on, it’s that they love receiving treats. As humans, we love to oblige! However, did you know dog treats have different functions? From oral care to occupying themselves through biting and chewing, different treats serve different types of purposes. As a dog owner, how can you provide the right treats for the right occasion?

Pedigree dog treats = something for every need.

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

With its variety of treats, Pedigree helps Filipino dog parents cater to their dogs’ specific needs.

Pedigree DentaStix Chewy Chunx

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Pedigree DentaStix Chewy Chunx is a daily oral care treat that comes in a bite-sized format to help clean your canine’s teeth and improve their overall oral hygiene. It does that by reducing tartar buildup, helping clean teeth, and supporting your dog’s gum health.

Pedigree Good Chew

Photo by Angeline Rodriguez

Another available option isPedigree Good Chew. It’s a long-lasting treat for dogs that love to chew. It’s free from rawhide and is made from quality ingredients like beef collagen. It’s also a deliciously long-lasting chew with a unique texture that is soft enough to chew while also being tough enough to last. It’s also easily digestible for most dogs and is tooth-friendly, too.

Under the development together with veterinarians and nutritionists of the Waltham Petcare Science Institute, a leading authority on pet care and nutrition, Pedigree is proud of their DentaStix Chewy Chunx for not only offering tasty treats but also offering dental care which is often overlooked by pet owners and could lead to significant health problems.

Aside from that, Johnny Racoma, General Manager of Mars Pet Nutrition Philippines, adds that the Pedigree Good Chew is a tooth-friendly, long-lasting treat for dogs that doesn’t contain any rawhide and is made with beef collagen. Expert Veterinarian and Scientific Communication Manager for MARS Philippines, Doctor Saza Curaming, explains that taking a look at the ingredients is a really important habit pet owners should have to make sure what they’re eating is healthy and don’t have any harmful additives.

“We should remember that as much as we treat our pets like babies, pets have different needs from humans. All ingredients found in treats must be tested safe for pets,” she reminds us. She also adds that neglecting our pet’s oral health could lead to more serious diseases.

If you want to give your pet quality treats for the best life, make sure to check out Pedigree DentaStix Chewy Chunx and Pedigree Good Chew.

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