Dog Found Alive After Being Trapped Under Volcanic Ash For 15 Days

15 days after the Taal Volcano eruption, a dog by the name of Idol was found to have survived after being trapped under volcanic ash.

The persevering pup was reunited with his family when they returned to search for him. His owners returned to look for him as soon as they were permitted to do so by local officials.

idol abandoned dog taal

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The family, along with rescuers, found the 8-year-old dog in their home in San Nicolas, Batangas. He was trapped under a wooden bed covered with volcanic ash and had to be pulled out by his owner, Jay-R Balba and his brother, Germie.

Jay-R thought to look for Idol under his father’s bed as that had always been his favorite spot for resting. Upon being found, Idol was said to have been ‘skin-and-bones’. He was so weak that he could not even move when the bed was lifted. However, after a few bowls of water Idol was slowly revived and regained his appetite.

The brothers explain that their family immediately evacuated once Taal volcano erupted, having no time to take anything with them. “Wala nang nadalang kahit ano. Bigla na lang kaming tumawid, dire-diretso na ho dito,” Jay-R said.

[We were not able to bring anything with us. We left all of a sudden and went straight here.


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