Do You Keep a Promise Like Christopher Robin?

We all know Winnie the Pooh and his trusty buddy Christopher Robin as best buddies together with the rest of the troupe from the Hundred Acre Wood. There were no problems that Christopher Robin couldn’t fix in A. A. Milne’s original creation. Things are, however, different as we see Christopher Robin as a grownup dealing with the cards of family, corporate, and adult life difficulties.

My emotional meter escalated early in the film, quite surprising for a family-rated movie, or maybe I’m just easily moved. Well, who wouldn’t be moved if the oh-so-darling Winnie the Pooh Bear asked you the questions that he does in the movie? That’s how things got real so quick. Not to mention how well the bear’s two beady eyes convey so much emotions.

Christopher Robin 2

Christopher Robin is undoubtedly a film enjoyable for the younger audience and adults alike. However, upon closer inspection, it is actually a wakeup call in terms of its relevance in today’s age of knowledge and information.

Christopher Robin is now tested by fate and old times’ sake. The circumstance that he was presented makes one think how true it is that many working individuals often neglect spending quality time with their loved ones; how many can actually say that we are happy with what we do, and that we’re not just doing it because we have to? How guilty are we for passing on promised family time just because something came up at work? Those are some of the underlying sad realities that the movie shows the audience, and it strikes quite a soft spot because it is the truth.

On the lighter side of things, this movie makes me realize that Pooh offers quite good thoughts and points about problems. The silly old bear’s perspective is quite simple yet full of beauty – something that only can come from the words of someone who sees things through innocent eyes and purest intentions.

Christopher Robin 4

Personally, I am always afraid to lose my heart as a child when I become an adult, pretty much like Christopher Robin. Frankly, I still keep an old box with a few favorite toys from my childhood just because it gives me joy seeing them (and also because I look forward to giving it to my future child, too.) This movie made me think about that fear again, and I guess, it’s trying to tell every adult, too, to let oneself go back to being a child, because we all have been one.

Remember how it was when nothing was impossible and our imaginations were wild, when we enjoy the pleasantries of doing nothing like we do as adults now.

That kid is always inside, probably just trapped by the worldly walls that enclose the child in us as we grow. Break down the wall and don’t be afraid to be a kid at heart… letting yourself go to see Christopher Robin is one way to get in touch with your inner child.

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I am certain that many people can identify with the characters in the movie, may it be Eeyore, Tigger, Piglet, Pooh, or even Christopher Robin. One can pick a character to describe one’s self or even someone else because the characters are fictional but their characteristics are true personalities that exist. I myself can relate with Pooh’s character especially because he’s always looking for honey in the same manner I’m always looking for food.


Christopher Robin is now showing nationwide. When you see the movie, try to find which character you identify with the most… and I truly hope it’s not a heffalump.