Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid To Try Beauty Drips

The beauty industry is constantly coming up with new, unique, and sometimes bizarre treatments like the famous Kim K vampire facial, dermaplaning, 24K gold facials, placenta facials, Gua Sha facials, and – wait for it – bird poop facials. Beauty is indeed pain. If none of these sound particularly appealing to you, but you still want to achieve flawless skin; then you might want to try out one of the latest innovations in skincare: beauty drips.

In case you’ve never heard of beauty drips before, they’re intravenous drips infused with vitamins, glutathione, collagen, placenta, or other skin-boosting ingredients depending on what your desired results are. Unlike the usual facial treatments, beauty drips supposedly take effect much quicker since they work from the inside and the concoction directly enters the bloodstream.

I know what you must be thinking, but trust me: it’s not as scary as you think. I initially felt a bit uneasy about it, as well; but I realized it’s not that different from taking oral beauty supplements. Drips simply speed up the process.

I got to experience my very first drip at Get A Drip Lounge Aesthetic and Beauty Center in Quezon City. Having opened just last July, they’re one of the few establishments in the area that offer drip treatments.

get a drip lounge salon 8

Currently, Get A Drip Lounge provides eight different types of IV drips: Bella Drip for whitening, Glass Skin Drip for skin clarity, Diamond Drip for anti-aging, Ultimate Gluta Infusion, Blooming Beauty Push, Keto Infusion for fat burning, Immuno Power Infusion for energy boosting, and Rejuvenating Infusion. All eight drips contain varying dosages of glutathione.

I tried the Glass Skin Drip, a mixture consisting of vitamin C and glutathione. The main purpose of this particular drip is to clear up and improve the texture of the skin; whitening is just a side effect. Before we began the procedure, the nurse had me sign a consent form and made sure that I didn’t have any allergies that might affect my body’s reaction to the treatment. To minimize pain, she then inspected my arm and looked for a relatively thick vein to insert the needle into.

get a drip lounge salon 9

Throughout the treatment’s 40-minute or so duration, I didn’t experience any pain and was surprisingly relaxed the whole time. There was perhaps some slight discomfort, but nothing I couldn’t handle. Some people report light-headedness after the drip; but to be honest, I was a bit hungover that day and actually felt quite refreshed once it was over!

Appearance-wise, I didn’t see an immediate effect on my skin after just one session, which was expected (although, my roommate did compliment me on my “glow” when I got home). The owner of Get A Drip Lounge recommended at least five sessions for more visible results, and ten sessions if you really want a drastic change. They also suggested weekly treatments for optimal results. I’m not sure if this is something I would do on a regular basis, but you should definitely try it yourself and see if you want to include it to your own beauty regimen.

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Should the idea of injecting fluids into your veins still disturb you, Get A Drip offers good ‘ol facials, as well. They use a bunch of high-end equipment that I have yet to see at other spas.

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Their other services include mani-pedis, hand and foot spas, hair removals, semi/permanent makeup, eye bag reduction, and tattoo and warts removals.

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Get A Drip’s spa menu is so extensive that they can attend to all of your beautifying needs. Just make sure to check with your doctor first before trying any of their services.

Get A Drip Lounge

256 Roosevelt Ave., Brgy. San Antonio, Quezon City

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