DIY: Make Your Own Tablet Case

When In Manila, there’s no better feeling than being able to create something with your own hands. The thrill of being able to make something with your own hands and with your own design is one of the reasons why everyone’s getting into DIY


 The finished product!

For this post, I’ll teach you how to make your own iPad/gadget case. This is incredibly easy to do by hand, and uses materials that are easy to find. Feel free to leave questions in the comments section if you want to learn more! This case in particular had a chevron pattern on it, but feel free to change it up into something else. 


You’ll Need: 

  • Canvas fabric – I used the excess from my clutch project, but you can find this is National Bookstore or Fabric Warehouse
  • Acrylic Paint – I went with pink because it matched the silicone sleeve I already had
  • Needle and Thread – You can, of course, use a sewing machine to make the process faster and less prickly. But if you do hand sew this, make sure your needle’s thick enough to handle folded canvas!
  • Masking Tape
  • Velcro – We had a battered old case lying around, so I grabbed the velcro from that.

The Process: 


Start by measuring out your fabric. You want it to be a snug fit for the iPad (or any gadget of your choice), so lay it out and wrap it like a present. Make sure both ends can meet up, then pin and hem accordingly. This, I now realize, is one of the most tedious but all important parts of sewing. You can pass the time by watching a movie (although koreanovelas tend to be difficult because you’re reading the subtitles). 


Once the hemming was done, I laid the canvas right side up and taped in my chevron design. I’ve always been a fan of these symmetrical zigzags, so I was very careful about lining them all up. When that’s done, brush your acrylic paint over the tape to create your pattern. 


Let it dry overnight, and you’ll have your chevron fabric! I love that the paint is slightly imperfect, it makes the case more personalized that way. But you can always grab a brush and acrylic to fill out some of the gaps. 




I turned the fabric wrong side up and then placed my iPad on top. Then I wrapped it in the fabric like a reverse present (it kind of looks like binalot at this point), pinning where the two edges of the fabric meet and the bottom of the case. Sew both accordingly and turn inside out.


For the close of the case, I cut a long rectangle of the canvas, hemmed and painted it like I did for the rest of the case. Then I just sewed in the velcro pieces, et voila!

DIY: Make Your Own Tablet Case

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