DIY Coffee in Stockwell Cafe + Lounge: Choose Your Own Coffee Bean and Brewing Method

From bars, to restaurants, to hotels, and to cafes, you wouldn’t probably run out of places to go to around Tomas Morato. And although that may sound great and exciting, it often just leads to every barkada‘s dilemma: Where to now?

Well if you’re into good coffee with excellent food, the newly opened Stockwell Cafe + Lounge should be part of your choices.

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Stockwell Cafe + Lounge opened its door to the public last December 12, 2016. Despite being fairly new, they have been receiving a number of  high praises from the people. Upon trying the cafe, those positive feedback were definitely spot-on. They serve different types of coffee drinks such as lattes, cappuccinos, espresso con panna, and the likes–all of which are very good (notable ones are the Stockwell 50/50, Flat White, and Mocha-Over Ice). They have non-coffee beverages, as well, such as the Matcha Green Latte (highly recommended!) and Spanish Hot Chocolate.

Stockwell CafeMocha– Over Ice (PHP 140.00)

If you think those were already good enough, Stockwell Cafe + Lounge actually specializes in Third Wave Coffee that you may want to try. Third Wave Coffee is basically a special way of brewing high quality artisan coffee in which you can select the type of coffee bean and the brewing method to create your perfect cup of Joe.

(Think you know a lot about coffee? Here are some interesting facts you probably didn’t know!)

There are six different kinds of coffee beans and brewing method available. To start off with the heart of the coffee, you can choose from the following: Matutum, Kapatagan, Benguet, Colombia, Guatemala, and Brazil beans. Next, you can pick your preferred brewing method among the following options: V60, Aeropress, Cold Drip, Syphon, Coldbrew, and Flatbottom. So if you go to Stockwell in groups, try ordering one of each so you would really taste the difference. You would be surprised how strong or acidic some can be! It will also be a fun and interactive experience because it’s like a DIY Coffee.

StockwellSyphon Method

Stockwell CafeV60 Method

Stockwell CafeAeropress Method

Tip: If you’re unsure of what to pick, don’t be shy to ask the barista! They are genuinely friendly and will happily explain to you the differences of everything.

Stockwell Cafe + Lounge also serves food as satisfying as their coffee. Their menu may be short, but it is perfect for a cafe. Not only will it let the customers decide easier, the preparation time will much quicker for the chefs because of their keen familiarity with each dish.

Stockwell CafeStockwell’s Beef Tapa (PHP 200.00)

Stockwell CafeTruffle Mushroom Linguine (PHP 250.00)

Stockwell CafeBuffalo Chicken Sandwich (PHP 235.00)

Which food do you want to try? What DIY method will you choose? Comment below and share your thoughts! We can’t wait for you to try out this cafe.

Stockwell Cafe + Lounge

61 Sct. Tobias St, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila
Su – TH: 9AM – 10 PM
F – S: 9AM – 12MD

Instagram: @stockwellcafe

Thanks to:
Jared Enrile for the featured image
Elay Siongco for post-processing the photos


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