Ditch Your Spoon and Fork for Boodle Fight Manila

Photos by Joyce Villanueva

Coming from a family who loves to prepare food for celebrations, Ms. Japh Zapata established Boodle Fight Manila. Boodle Fight Manila is a food delivery service that caters boodle fights around Manila. This started out for fun as a family thing and was only done every weekend. Their “give-it-a-try” moment became a breakthrough when they got featured on Its Showtime, CNN Great Big Story, When In Manila, and Pinoy Big Brother. Gaining lots of customers, the demands got high so they aren’t just a weekender food service anymore. They deliver every day now, even on holidays!

Boodle fight is all about festive Filipino classic food. For as low as Php350, Boodle Fight Manila serves pork, chicken, seafood, vegetable, sides, and dessert. It comes with fruits and drinks, as well, and all in a generous amount.

Loving the fact that the seafood varieties includes choices of Steamed Shrimp, Butter Garlic Shrimp, and Sweet Chili Shrimp.

They accept orders for as low as 10 pax. After all, what’s the fun if there’s only three of you, right?

Like food is always masarap pag may kaagaw, loljk but yeah.

They can also cater up to 100 pax.

Plus, you can get the option of customizing your feast.

They offer free delivery charge in selected areas and free food setup.

Today, Jonna the sister of Ms. Japh Zapata is the one managing the family business.

Boodle Fight Manila

0916 296 9555



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