Discover New OPM Bands Monthly with Oo: Catch the September Gig at The Palace!

Originals Only (Oo) with Jack TV and Kumu come together this month for Sony Night and ACOUSTEOKE at Upperhouse for Welcome to the Simulation. This installment of Oo is going to be the held on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, 9 PM at Upperhouse, 2/F The Brewery at the Palace, BGC, with a door fee of 300PHP.

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OO is committed to helping artists.

For this next OO, we are headlining the talented duo straight from Cebu, Sepia Times!

This will also feature some Sony OPM artists and bands such as Nathan & Mercury, The Vowels They Orbit, Jensen Gomez, Ace Banzuelo, and Hulyo.

Why Oo?

Originals Only (Oo) is more than just a normal band gig. Oo is a movement that says YES to OPM by celebrating the diversity of OPM genres, bringing OPM artists, both seasoned and new, onto one stage every month.

Founded by Guji Lorenzana, Oo is a passion project whose main purpose is to provide a ground for OPM to be rediscovered and celebrated by music enthusiasts.

Originals Only is held monthly, showcasing artist from an array of OPM genres. Artists that have performed at Oo include acts such as IV of Spades, Moira Dela Torre, Nicole Asensio, Leanne and Naara, AJ Rafael, St. Wolf, Brisom, and SUD.

We would love to hear from you.

If you know of any OPM artists that need an avenue to showcase their original music, please let us know. Email Guji at or Nikki Gomicua, Head of Operations of Originals Only at so that we can include them for future Oo events!

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