Dinner In The Dark: I Ate My Steak, Blindfolded!

You know how, in life, we’ve all done quirky things like…

a) type on a keyboard using our elbows,

b) balance a light switch between ‘on’ and ‘off’, and

c) open a refrigerator ever so slightly, just to peek inside and make sure the lights go off when we close its door.

(Oh, c’mon. Admit it: you’ve done all of these). 

Another thing that I’d always been curious about was how it was like to eat a complete meal blindfolded.

It wasn’t until two weeks ago when my questions have finally been answered, and I finally got to tick this off my list.


Special thanks to Marriott Hotel for some of the photos!


Last October 12, Eye Society partnered with the Cru Steakhouse of Marriott Hotel Manila in a project called “Dinner in the Dark”, which was for the benefit of the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines.

For those who aren’t familar, the Eye Bank Foundation of the Philippines is a non-proft, non-government org that brings the gift of sight to corneally blind individuals.



It was my first time to dine in the dark. I’ve heard about the concept before, but other restaurants do it differently (they literally let guests dine in a room of pitch darkness). At Marriott Hotel, guests were asked to wear blindfolds as they were served a four-course meal (yummm!!!). No need to worry, because there were “darkness experts” assigned to each table, who used only their voices to guide everyone safely.





I cannot believe we survived a four-course meal blindfolded. Who knew that steak would taste 3x better with our eyes closed?! To compensate for “dining in the dark”, our sense of taste and smell were heightened in this experience. This is actually a dining concept that is famous in cities like London, Paris, and Singapore, which I admit, is pretty cool.


Let us share with you that night’s scrumptious dinner!

Disclaimer: I was being a fair player, so my blindfold was on throughout the night, which means the next set of photos were either a) taken with my eyes closed (LOL ninja moves) or b) grabbed from friends.


For the appetizer, everyone had Sustainable Selva Shrimps. Good thing our “darkness expert” asked us if we had any allergy, cause eating shrimp would have been the death of me. Hahaha kidding aside, they gave me tuna instead, which was so darn delicious, if I may add.



Photo my Timothy Duenas

Sadly, none of us was able get to a photo of the steak (too busy concentrating on eating it, most probs), but here’s a little something to leave for your imagination: IT WAS THE BEST STEAK I’VE HAD IN MY LIFE. YET.

Watch this video of us eating our steak! THE STRUGGLE IS REAL!

For dessert, we had curated chocolates and ice cream, which was the perfect end to the experience. Sigh, I’m honestly still dreaming about this til now.


Photo my Timothy Duenas

I thought this was a really nice project. Not only was it for a cause, but it also spread awareness and understanding among participants. We are really glad we got to be part of this. Remember, there is no disability! There are only different abilities. ❤️

The event was a huge success, but as far as we know, that was the last run of this year’s Dinner in the Dark at the Marriott Hotel. For reservations for future Dinner in the Dark events (or if you just want to have a delicious dinner at Cru Steakhouse), you may contact the following below.


+63 2 9889999 ext. 810

2 Resorts Drive, Pasay City  Manila  1309  Philippines




Have you ever had a meal blindfolded? Share your thoughts with us!


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