Digital education to help business thrive and rise above the crisis

In the year 2020, the world changed.

That is how our future selves will start our stories about all that happened in 2020. Education and training however, need not stop. Even having been affected by the 2020 health situation, methods of learning have pivoted, and live trainings have shifted to online courses.

How will business rise above a crisis? Thrive. Learn. Grow.

According to Neotrade Learning CEO TinTin Liboro, “Rather than dwelling on the ill effects of this crisis on all aspects of our businesses, the economy, our livelihood and even simply on our daily routines, we choose to focus on how we cope, how we rise above this setback.


The new normal has become a reality we all have to live with. And in this new normal, tech is at the forefront. Switching to digital has become a necessity in order for businesses to survive.” Liboro adds. Because of the current health situation, continuing education courses have been migrated to online learning because as education providers have stressed, education and training should not stop despite the crisis.


Neotrade Learning has launched its online live digital marketing training sessions, offered to companies and individuals who wish to learn to transform to digital and adapt their businesses to thrive in the virtual space.

Digital tech has been here for many years but not everyone has made that all important switch yet.

Liboro adds, “As the present times call for an immediate transformation to digital, the need to educate work teams about digital has become even more important.


As we all have to put in effort to survive and thrive in the current times, marketing teams may use this time wisely to learn, to upskill, hone present capabilities, invest in advancing knowledge to improve and grow business further.”

Digital Marketing training events lined up

Neotrade Learning has launched training events this June and July to address this growing demand for digital education. After the recently successfully concluded Digital Summer Classes : Thinking Digital in the New Normal, some training events from Neotrade Learning have been launched:

The Digital Marketing 101 Seminar for Beginners Online, to be held June 17 and 18, 2020 is a 2-day online learning event specifically designed for beginners. It will tackle in its seven (7) hour training module: Digital Marketing Strategy, Social Media, Content Marketing, Video for Digital, Google Ads, SEO and FB & IG ads.

It gathers key players and respected digital marketing experts in the industry to share their knowledge on digital marketing. It is designed for beginners and all who have basic knowledge of digital marketing.

Those invited to attend are marketing teams, Entrepreneurs/SME’s, Academe, Professionals, BPO sourcing & marketing personnel, government personnel, marketing officers, brand officers, ad agencies, business leaders and students.

The live online seminars will give businesses a complete and concise overview of the key aspects of digital marketing, and how they can effectively utilize them in their marketing plan.

Seminar Fees range from Early bird rate of P4,000 to the Standard rate of P5,500. Inclusions are Certificate, pdf seminar kit 7 days after the event. Marketing teams are encouraged to participate, with attractive group package rates available: Avail of 4 get 1 free slot; and avail of 8 slots, get 3 free. Special rates for students and the academe are also available.

To register, please click here.

Advanced courses also offered

For those who wish to take advanced courses, also coming up are the Digital Ads Master Class Online 2020 on June 30 to July 1, 2020 (9 hr advanced training on FB and IG ads, Google Ads and Linked In Ads). For details, please click here.

And the 2nd Content Marketing Master Class Online 2020 on July 7 and 8, 2020 (7 hr training on Content Strategy, Content Marketing Campaign, Content for Social and Meaningful Content Marketing). For info, please click here.

Online Payment via bank transfer, Gcash, credit card or PayPal accepted.

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