Diet Diva: Guaranteed At Least 2 Lbs Weight Loss Per Week

Diet Diva: Guaranteed At Least 2 Lbs Weight Loss Per Week


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Diet simply means the sum of food consumed by a person. Amidst the hustle and bustle of our busy lives, however, we tend to disregard a proper diet. Who among us can honestly say that we eat a good proportion of breakfast, lunch and dinner?


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Diet Diva helps us eat well and eat right. With its 1,200 calorie per day menu, Diet Diva can guarantee a loss of 2-6 pounds per week. The secret is in the portion-control and calorie-counting, which, admittedly, we just do not have the time for.




Armed with a resident Nutrionist-Dietician, Clark Dela Riva, and awesome cooks using Momma Diva’s special recipes, we are ensured of balanced and delicious meals that won’t make us feel deprived during our diet.


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Mediterranean Fusilli Pasta


To effectively maximize the weight loss diet, Diet Diva encourages us to stick to the well prepared and well thought out menu that they created specially for our convenience.


Here’s a week’s menu that I’ve tried for myself:


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As you can see, a well-planned balanced diet is what Diet Diva is all about.


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Pork Humba with Boiled Plantains 

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Pork Tapa Rice Mix

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Chicken Embutido Linguine Pasta

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Hainanese Chicken with Organic Brown Rice

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Boiled Plantains with Black Tea


What’s even greater is that they can deliver straight to your homes or offices! They cater to most areas in Metro Manila for just P1,900-P2,000 (depending on location).

What are you waiting for? JOIN THE RAFFLE BELOW. Let’s start this diet to look like Divas!


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Diet Diva: Guaranteed At Least 2 Lbs Weight Loss Per Week