Devin Oliver as Rhaegar Targaryen in Game of Thrones Season 7?

Rhaegar Targaryen. Every Game of Thrones geek knows this name by now. However, as much as he has been mentioned in the TV show, we have never actually seen his face yet. Well, a few weeks ago, Devin Oliver posted this Instagram photo with a very cryptic caption: “I may or may not have made an appearance in Game of Thrones Season 7.”

I may or may not have made an appearance in Game Of Thrones season 7 ???? ???? @leaborama

A photo posted by Treehouse (@devinoliveriss) on

So did he or did he not? Did he really make an appearance (most people assume it’s for the role of Rhaegar) or did he simply use that caption because of his long blonde hair tied up in a bun or the fact that he’s carrying a bow in the picture? Either way, I have to say he really suits the part.

I’ve been even more convinced that he would be perfect for the part after seeing this bit of fan art on an Emilia Clarke fan page on Facebook:



No official news has been released as to whether Devin is actually playing Rhaegar or whether Rhaegar will even be in the much-awaited seventh season of the franchise, but we’re crossing our fingers for this one. And we hope he actually looks like that if he is in the show. :p

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