Desiree Mallari PH: Comfy Shoes for a Cause

When in Manila, I have always believed that the genuine desire to help others always bring out the best in someone. People become creative and smart because they are so driven by their passion to help. This is exactly where Desiree Mallari PH started.

Desiree Mallari Shoes 5

Desiree Mallari PH

Desiree Mallari PH was born out of their love for their community. Because they believe that education is so important, they wanted to support deserving girls to finish their high school education. From gathering funds from family and friends, they have decided to start something that can fund their cause, thus Desiree Mallari PH. 

Desiree Mallari Shoes 1

The fact that the brand supports a cause, makes purchasing their shoes more meaningful. For every pair you purchase, PHP 88.00 goes directly to Desiree Scholarship Fund who will support young girls from Marikina to finish their high school education.

Desiree Mallari Shoes 2

And the style? Well, they are the basics! You can practically match them with any outfit and can definitely be used everyday.

Desiree Mallari Shoes 3

I personally love them as they are comfy to wear, plus… they really have a cute logo! 🙂

When In Manila, “Desiree Mallari PH shoes are engineered and designed to look better, feel better and with a mission to help those in need.” Stay tuned for their upcoming designs as they aim to design something more comfortable than anything on the market.

Desiree Mallari PH

Mobile: 09064771102