Derrick Rose One on One in Manila Philippines

D Rose in Manila44D Rose Press Con at Ballroom A of Marriott Hotel in Manila


When in Manila had the chance to attend Derrick Rose’s Press Con at Marriott Hotel last September 16 with other members of the media. 

D Rose was kind enough to satisfy each of our questions and was really open in sharing his thoughts.

D Rose in Manila37

D Rose with host, Anthony Suntay


Derrick Rose faced questions regarding his basketball career upto his Adidas contract. He answered them all with confidence.

D Rose confirmed that he has a lifetime contract with Adidas, he promised the brand that he will give his best in each of his games and that he will play hard at all times. He shared with us the meaning of the Adidas D Rose symbol; he said its a rose which stands for his family name with a D (Derrick) in the middle, the 3 petals stands for his brothers and the #1 in the middle stands for his mother and his NBA number. He also added that he has his share of comments and suggestions for his shoe line with Adidas.

The media asked him what he feels about going back to the NBA and how prepared he is; he shared that he has been preparing for a whole year now and that he is ready to get back to the game. He also said that he is just really looking forward to be in the court with his teammates and he would definitely want to achieve championship for the Chicago Bulls.

D Rose in Manila36

D Rose (Press Con) @ Marriott Hotel


D Rose was also asked who he think is the best team in the NBA and I added by also asking who he think is the best Point Guard for him this season; he safely answered by saying that he can’t really mention a specific team or Point Guard player as everyone is good and tries to give their best in each game. He pointed out that each game is really exciting whoever he plays it with.

Lastly, the media asked him for his advise to the Philippine Team as they play for the FIBA World Cup, he said they should be calm and they should prepare the right way. He said that preparation is everything. He added that 2 of the traits that a basketball player should have is dedication and sacrifice. They must be dedicated to their game and they must learn to sacrifice a lot to gain more.

D Rose in Manila11 

Posing for the media


After all the questions, D Rose gamely posed for the camera/media.

D Rose in Manila27 

The official D Rose Tour shirt! YAY!(: 


D Rose (Press Con) @ Marriott Hotel


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