Department of Tourism Launches New “Love the Philippines” Campaign

In line with the Department of Tourism’s 50th-anniversary celebration, they also launched their enhanced campaign called “Love the Philippines.”

According to statistics, there was an 85% growth in the industry in 2022. It is just half the year, and the country is quickly catching up to 2022’s tourism profit. Travel has taken on more meaning and purpose. Many local and international travelers are seeking more. This is why the Department of Tourism created the new Love the Philippines campaign.

June 8

Photo by Sky Gavin

The new campaign champions the Filipino’s love for the Philippines, the love you will see everywhere, and the many reasons you will love the country.

In social listening programs, the word “Philippines” is constantly connected to the word love. This is a positive reason why people worldwide keep coming back for more. With 7,641 islands, there are many reasons to love the Philippines. Whether it’s the high mountains, surfing destinations, crystal blue beaches, colorful heritage, delicious food, and adventures, you will never run out of reasons to love the country.

“Love the Philippines goes to the very heart of every single Filipino. With the distinct grace and hospitality with which we welcome every guest which comes to our shores, communities and our homes. Love the Philippines is a recognition of our natural assets, our long history, and our rich culture and diversity. There is so much more to the Philippines than the fun and adventure that we articulated to the world,” Tourism Secretary Christina Frasco shared.

Floral Island in El Nido Palawan 2

Photo: Floral Island in Palawan

The Love the Philippines campaign video shows many different destinations in the country, especially our beautiful biodiversity. “The Philippines is a powerhouse of mega biodiversity being only one of 18 mega biodiverse countries in the world,” said Secretary Frasco.

Love the Philippines is so much more than showing the beauty of the country. “The Philippines is a well of culture and history, a profound burst and taste of flavor and gastronomy, a tapestry of indigenous peoples and creative communities by whose work of their hands had safeguarded the dignity and integrity of the Filipino identity. This is who we are. These complexities and nuances of the Philippines have yet to be fully articulated to the world,” added Secretary Frasco.

June 9

Photo by Sky Gavin

During the celebration, DOT also featured their “Tourism Heroes” series, which consists of different tourism workers who helped the industry through the pandemic. The industry took a big hit in the last few years, and these tourism heroes have worked tirelessly to bring tourism back to its feet.

The story of the Filipino has yet to be fully told. And we shall tell the story by telling them the story of love. Love the Philippines.


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