#DeliciouslyURBN: Delectable Comfort Food Pre-(or Post!) Party at URBN, The Fort

#DeliciouslyURBN: Delectable Comfort Food Pre-(or Post!) Party at URBN, The Fort



When in Manila, discover a side of URBN Bar and Kitchen you’ve never experienced before. While most of us know URBN to be the hip weekend haunt that it is, the bar-hopper’s staple also serves up a variety of delectable dishes all worth a try. Now going strong for a year, URBN has recently revamped its menu to bring us some classic favorites with an interesting spin on them. Sink your teeth into inviting Southern comfort food in an atmosphere that can easily take you from dinner to dancing.

For their menu update, URBN has retained the old and familiar and made it new again – featuring some good old country-style cooking with a subtly lavish flair and a heavy dose of honest to goodness bacon that they’ve cured themselves, the ever-dispensable food item going through a myriad of renditions in their dishes, and thus being one of the central aspects of their menu (as it should be). 


Bucket of Bacon and Ranch Dip (PHP 275.00)

Start your meal off with a blatantly indulgent Bucket of Crispy Bacon strips – so simple yet so spot-on! Picture this with your favorite craft beer or cocktail of choice, and you’ve got a match made in heaven – ultimate bar chow.


Bacon-Crusted Chicken Tenders (PHP 379.00)

Other bacon-heavy fare include URBN’s Bacon-Crusted Chicken Tenders with Egg Salad Dip – juicy chicken fingers in a crunchy coating of bacon and bread crumbs, matched with creamy egg dipping sauce.


Crisp White Cheese Salad – mixed mesclun, orange, pistachio, passion fruit vinaigrette (PHP 285.00)

For conservatives who prefer healthier entrees, check out URBN’s Crisp White Cheese Salad. Its refreshingly sweet passion fruit vinaigrette base is given a nice kick with crispy quesong puti and lush greens. 


Chunky Chili con Carne – cheese bread, tomatoes, sour cream (PHP 375.00)


URBN’s Chunky Chili con Carne does not disappoint! Their spicy and savory chili sauce is packed with beans and LOTS of chunky Angus beef morsels, a great match with melted cheese-topped bread.


Slow Roast Beef – Colcannon, deep-fried egg, tomato, jus, mustard (PHP 675.00)


Dig in to some seriously good comfort food with a nice slab of tender Roast Beef that is every bit as juicy, flavorful and succulent as you imagined it to be, served over a bed of mashed potatoes and deep-fried soft-boiled egg (quite an experience munching on this.)


Smoked Salmon and White Cheese Pizza (PHP 395.00) and BBQ Chicken and Coriander Pizza (PHP 345.00)

Perfect when split among friends, URBN’s thin crust artisanal-style pizzas are ideal fillers in between chugging down your beer or sipping on your mojito. Their piquant pairings of smoked salmon and white cheese flavors and bbq-flavored chicken and aromatic coriander were a sure hit with us, and we’re eager to try their Philly Cheese Steak Pizza on our next visit.


Bacon Brownie Smores (PHP 255.00)


And what better way to cap our meal than with some chewy gooey smores? Stuffed with BACON! URBN’s Bacon Brownie Smores is actually a cross between smore and a brownie a la mode; imagine sugary sweet marshmallow goodness alongside brownies instead of graham crackers, punctuated by salty fatty bacon strips in between and topped with cool vanilla ice cream! It definitely had our eyes rolling our heads falling back in absolute bliss.

I have personally had some fun memories with friends at URBN, and I’m excited to make more now that I’ve discovered I can seamlessly transition from dining to partying all in one place! With some exciting new dishes to show for it, URBN is sure to remain a favorite amongst the weekend party circuit when in Manila.

And now you can enjoy great discounts off your meals at URBN by just Instagramming what you ate! Just present your Instagrammed photo with the hashtag #DeliciouslyURBN to any of their servers and get 15% off the bill of your next meal!

URBN Bar and Kitchen

3rd Floor, Fort Pointe II Building, 28th Street, BGC 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/UrbnBarAndKitchen/

Instagram and Twitter: @urbn_bgc



#DeliciouslyURBN: Delectable Comfort Food Pre-(or Post!) Party at URBN, The Fort


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