Want To Improve Your Work or School Day? Here’s The Deliciously Distracting Solution

Picture this: you’ve been seated all day working through your to-do list, and you can feel your body start giving in to the exhaustion.

Sounds like a normal situation you find yourself in every week, doesn’t it? Then you’d also realize how often you unconsciously skip meals or reject breaks just to beat deadlines or finish whatever’s on your plate.

Here’s a shocking secret though: this is actually making you less productive than you should be!

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Merienda time is very much an essential part of everyone’s daily routine, providing plenty of benefits that can effectively improve your workflow.

Energy Boost: Snacks replenish the energy you’ve lost from working or studying for hours to keep you going until the end of the day. So if you find yourself falling asleep or losing concentration, reach for something to munch on ASAP!

Improved Creativity: Another benefit of snack time is its role in helping increase mental focus and clarity, leading to better problem-solving and creative thinking. In times when you think your inspiration has run out, taking a quick bite to eat might bring you to that eureka moment!

Curbs Hunger: Don’t ignore those hunger pangs! Making time for merienda in between deep focus sessions will not only help curb your appetite but will also provide the extra nutrients you’ll need to power you through the day.

Mood Lifter: There’s nothing like eating a snack you love, it lifts your mood instantly! It’s nearly impossible not to feel pleasure, comfort, and stress relief during merienda time, especially when you’re snacking on something that’s just so satisfyingly good—such as the Lay’s Stax!


With Lay’s Stax, no snack time will ever be boring. There are so many classic and unique flavors to choose from to fill you up: timeless Original, addicting Extra Cheese, smoky Barbecue, and tangy Sour Cream & Onion. Whether you’re just lounging indoors or taking a break out in the sun, Lay’s Stax will definitely brighten up your work or school day.

Remember: it’s always important to incorporate snack time into your daily routine. Spend it by indulging in the yummtastic flavors of Lay’s Stax! Which one are you reaching for this merienda time?

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