Dekada: A Delicious Walk Through Memory Lane

Dekada: A Delicious Walk Through Memory Lane 


Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine#1


Filipino cuisine – very rich and very versatile – needs no introduction. Nowadays you can find loads of options for great Filipino restaurants in the city. However, finding the most gorgeously-prepared toothsome historic Filipino dish here is a whole new experience.

 Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine#6


How would you like to be treated as a guest of honor upon entering a restaurant while having the Proclamation No. 1081 Buko Halo-Halo Espesyal as a starter? Or indulging Aguinaldo Twice-Cooked Adobo partnered with popular Domenicano Adobo Rice, which is rice sautéed in garlic and thickened adobo sauce, then topped with crispy adobo flakes, kesong puti, and salted egg for an entree?

The juxtaposition of bold flavors, rice and sauces, family style is what makes Filipino cuisine so unique, idiosyncratic, and diverse culinary tradition ─ and this is part of the reason why the SumoSam Group of Restaurants’ relish a challenge and first venture into local cuisine: Dekada.

Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine opened its doors on Independence Day in 2013, eight years after the group opened its first Japanese restaurant in 2005. Dekada is the sole venture into Filipino food, thus far, by  the SumoSam Group of Restaurants’. “For almost nine years, we focused mainly on Japanese cuisine,” says Sheryl Laudico, Marketing Director. “But just like any Filipino, we always go back to our roots.”  Welcoming dining area arouses one’s attention in our past, the chairs alone would make us reminisce the old figure and life of our history. The intricate decor serves as a beautiful backdrop against photos of the former.

Just recently, the group launched platter offerings perfect for families and large groups who frequent their restaurant in Glorietta 3 and Fairview Terraces.


Dekada Historic Filipino Cuisine#2Family Fiesta Magwagi


What’s in it?

Sinigang na sugpo sa kamias, Adobo Rice, My new faves dish Twice-Cooked Adobo, Bicol Express, Binukadkad na Plapla, Lechon Manok (whole), Laguna Salad (made with yellow and green mangoes, tomatoes and hibe.)

Why is it awesome?

Don’t  you just love a hefty combo platter? This one is good for four to six people and is a perfect scrumptious option for lunch and dinner, bringing in a little concept of the Philippine military boodle fight tradition in restaurant dining.