DEBATE: Girl Shooting Gun on NYE Claims They’re Blank Bullets


Remember this girl who brags and posts photos on New Year’s eve while shooting guns with the caption “Welcome 2016, with ninong” She posts on her social media the reason–or lack thereof–why she pulled the trigger to welcome 2016. P.S. she also goes by the name Asiang aside from Diane.



Direct Quote:

Ang dami talagang utak munggo. Ung Hawak ko na baril kagabi akala ay tunay na may bala hindi alam na blangko lang un mga boplaks

(Some are really pea-brained. The gun I was holding last night they thought had real bullets but they didn’t know they are only blank bullets)

What are blank bullets?

A blank is a type of cartridge for a firearm that contains gunpowder but no bullet or shot. Blanks use paper or plastic wadding to seal gunpowder into the cartridge.

When fired, the blank makes a flash and an explosive sound, the wadding is propelled from the barrel of the gun, and the firearm’s action cycles. Blanks are often used for simulation (such as in historical reenactments, theatre and movie special effects), training, for signaling (see starting pistol), and cowboy mounted shooting.

Source: Wikipedia

If what she was saying was true, here is our debate question for our readers today:

Is firing a gun with blank bullets an excuse to shoot a gun on NYE? Why or why not?