Deaf Husband Finds Out He is going to be a Daddy. His Reaction was Priceless!

The deaf people are close to my heart. I love them as they remind me of my brother, who unfortunately died due to a car accident. However, that didn’t stop me from supporting the community in my own little way.

Clearly, deaf people are the best example of the saying: “actions speak louder than words.”

In this video I spotted on YouTube, it shows how genuine his reactions were when he found out that he was going to be a dad!

Deaf husband finds out he is going to be a daddy

The video was uploaded and published last December 28, 2015, by his wife, Brittany. It says in the video description that the video was filmed October 8, 2015, when she was few weeks pregnant.

Here’s the full caption:

This is how I told my husband, David, that he will be a Daddy! Video filmed October 8, 2015… I was a few weeks pregnant, and found out earlier that day. – Brittany

Watch this lovely video and I hope it makes your day! Also, please make sure you have a box of Kleenex beside you.

Husband signs: From my wife, Britt. I wonder what’s in it… Paper… More paper. Something in the paper. Baby Ruth.
Wife: I tell him there is more in the bag. [Two positive pregnancy tests… look at his hands shaking!]
Husband signs: You’re pregnant?? I will be a Dad??
Wife: I hand him a card from the bag, I wrote inside, “SURPRISE, DADDY!”
This made me cry. His reaction was priceless.
Did you feel the same way, too? Spread the love and good vibes this New Year!

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