The Deadpool & Wolverine Fan Event in Seoul Was an Unforgettable Experience

The Deadpool & Wolverine fan event in South Korea was an absolute blast with Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman charming us with their signature brand of humor. Our whirlwind visit was made possible by Globe, proving that they aren’t just a telco; they also make fans’ dreams come true with unforgettable opportunities such as this one.

Deadpool & Wolverine Fan Event Fangirling

Photo from Getty Images / Disney

What Went Down at the Deadpool & Wolverine Fan Event

The Deadpool & Wolverine Fan Event included a red-carpet event that left us all absolutely ecstatic. They signed autographs, took selfies, and made us all laugh to no end.

The red carpet at Jangchung Arena was filled with hundreds of fans waiting to meet the epic duo with plenty decked out in Deadpool and Wolverine cosplay and one particularly lucky duo of four-month-long besties getting to grace the stage and interact with them in the most sana all way.

Deadpool & Wolverine Fan Event Cosplayers

Photo from Getty Images / Disney

Thousands of fans roared in laughter as Ryan and Hugh exchanged playful banter and shared hilarious anecdotes from filming. Director Shawn Levy joined them, offering insights into their superhero costumes and the overall experience of working together.

The Deadpool & Wolverine fan event was a resounding success, proving once and for all that the on-screen chemistry between Hugh and Ryan translates perfectly to real life. With the film’s release in the Philippines just around the corner (mark your calendars for July 24, 2024!), fans are eagerly waiting to see this iconic duo team up for what promises to be a hilarious and action-packed adventure.

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Thank you so much, Globe, for giving us this unforgettable opportunity. It was definitely one for the books. Check out our full experience here: