David Archuleta Singing Filipino Song “Nandito Ako” and Sounds Totally Pinoy


I told you all that David Archuleta sounds totally pinoy!


Check this out! I got to hang out with my friends from TV5 and got to hear him sing this at the studio. I’m not the biggest follower of David Archuleta but I was just really impressed at how much he prepared for this and how pinoy he sounds.


I heard him sing it a few times, sounding perfect, but each time his people came out saying David wasn’t satisfied with it yet and thought that he could do better. So he just kept recording it over and over again. This of course also really impressed me.


It seems that the great singers and artists out there are absolute work horses who strive for perfection!


Way to go Archie!





David Archuleta sings “Nandito Ako”: A sneak peek.

The long wait is over!


For those who are itching to hear David Archuleta sing in Tagalog, here is an exclusive preview to his rendition of the famous OPM ballad, “Nandito Ako” (written by Aaron Paul). This will be the official theme song of his upcoming eponymous primetime series with homegrown Kapatid talents Jasmine Curtis Smith and Eula Caballero.


And from what the first 43 seconds indicate, David’s fans will not be disappointed.


Just listen to that voice!


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David Archuleta Singing Pinoy Song Nandito Ako and Sounds Filipino

David Archuleta Singing Filipino Song “Nandito Ako” and Sounds Totally Pinoy