Here’s What Dante Basco Said About Working With Solenn Heussaff in New Movie

We owe much to actor Dante Basco for being among those actively making efforts to represent the Philippines and showcase Filipino culture to an international audience with the influence that he has in Hollywood, thanks to his iconic roles as Rufio in Steven Spielberg’s “Hook” and Prince Zuko in “Avatar: The Last Airbender.”

His latest project is something that does exactly that: introduce the world to what it means to be a Filipino by blood with all its craziness, an abundance of food, and a deep sense of love and indebtedness to family. He presents all this through his film, “The Fabulous Filipino Brothers,” which he stars in with his real-life brothers.

dante basco the fabulous filipino brothers

the fabulous filipino brothers dante basco

The story is a rollercoaster of laughs and heartache segmented into four parts focusing on the significant events that have recently happened to each brother leading up to the main celebration: a wedding to be attended by their extended Filipino-American family in Pittsburg, California.

Each story is a ride of its own but Dante’s stands out for being the only one to have shot his scenes in the Philippines and to notably get to star alongside a Filipino actress: Solenn Heussaff.

When In Manila asked Dante to share his experience working with the TV and social media celebrity for the film, and he said, “Solenn is amazing. We were looking to hire one of the Filipino stars out there to play this role and, of course, Solenn was high on our list and I felt very fortunate as a director to have worked with her.”

dante basco solenn heussaff

“Working with her, she was… she’s like the coolest!” he gushed. “There’s just this air of coolness to her that she kinda brought to the character which was just so lovely. And she was such an amazing actress so I’m very fortunate that she trusted me enough as a first-time director to come in and do this film with me. I have nothing but love for Solenn.”

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Fans will definitely enjoy Dante and Solenn’s onscreen chemistry, the cheesy romance, the heated passion, and the unexpected twist at the end of Dante’s character’s story with her. If you’re curious to know what that is, check out Dante’s “The Fabulous Filipino Brothers” coming to Netflix on November 17, Wednesday!

“The Fabulous Filipino Brothers” is produced by Cignal Entertainment. It will be available to stream on Netflix worldwide except for North America and Europe.

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