Daily’s Diet: The Road to Learning How to ‘Portion Control’

Two months and more than 10kgs ago, diet has never been part of my vocabulary.

As a foodie, I just devour glorious food every time.

I started off getting active and cutting down on calories when I hit 72kgs. It wasn’t right. Something has to be done.

But ever since I started doing some physical activities, I wanted to see better results by cutting off what I eat or going for healthy choices.

It was great timing that I met Daily’s Diet.

I was already at 66kgs then.

Daily's Diet Before

Working a 9-6 job on a daily basis makes it difficult for me to prepare my own meal so getting the help of Daily’s Diet was a perfect opportunity to start off something I used to dread, diet.

After an assessment, I was told that in order to lose weight, I should just consume 1,200 calories on a daily basis. Daily’s Diet planned out everything and delivers my meals for the day at my doorstep the night before.

The food was packaged neatly in separate containers with proper labels: Breakfast, Snack, Lunch, Snack, and Dinner.

Daily's Diet (1)

It was super convenient as you can just eat it as it is or pop it for a few seconds in the microwave oven if you want it hot.

Contrary to what I believe, the diet was not that tough at all.

I was able to go two weeks on Daily’s Diet and I learned that dieting doesn’t have to be bland and boring. The meals I have tried were quite tasty and the variation made it more interesting. What I learned most is portion control.

Yes, you can have the good things, just not too much. Because, as the cliche goes, too much of something is bad enough.

Here’s a sample one-day spread I tried from Daily’s Diet.

Daily's Diet (2)

Yes. Some days you get to have some pasta, some bread, and even some rice. Although, I have been trying to cut down on white rice.

Daily's Diet (3) Daily's Diet (4) Daily's Diet (5)

I was told that if in case I was still feeling hungry, I can eat an apple. But I never felt the need to do that.

Now, I’m already at 61kgs and still a long way to go… The 5kgs I lost may not be entirely due to the diet but it definitely played a crucial role.

Daily's Diet After

What I’ve learned from my couple of weeks on Daily’s Diet, I’m applying it from this point forward.

If you want to start off with diet but don’t know how to like me, you might want to check out Daily’s Diet.

They have reasonable packages at:

  • PHP 2,950 for 1,200 calories & 1,500 calories
  • PHP 3,250 for 1,800 calories & 2,000 calories

They also have weight gain packages at PHP 3,450 for 2,500 – 3,000 calories.

Daily's Diet (6)

Daily’s Diet deliver at any point in Metro Manila. Additionally, they can cater to interested customers in Imus, Bacoor, and parts of Dasmarinas, Cavite for an additional of only PHP 50 per day.

Are you trying to lose weight or gain some?

What diet plans do you have?

Share them with us!