Cutieverse – 4 Reasons to Love This Online Vegan Shop

Looking for cute stocking stuffers for Christmas this early? Or maybe you just need a new lip balm/skin protectant to add to your ever-growing collection? When in Manila, those who seek eco-friendly and ethical brands that offer effective beauty products can easily find a reliable seller online.


Enter Cutieverse, your source for unique beauty finds. Why go through international shipping and import taxes and what-have-yous when you can just order products from a local online shop, right? Below is a quick run-down why Cutieverse should be your go-to shop for one-of-a-kind beauty products (and gifts you might want to give out this Christmas!) 



 It’s cute that they send out hand-written notes to their customers.


Cutieverse carries Marilou Bio. 




Marilou Bio is a French manufacturer of certified organic cosmetics. The company was born to fill the need for an affordable set of products for women who want to treat themselves and treat the planet well. Their products are more natural, more respectful of the environments, and are all formulated and made in France.



Marilou Bio Day Cream, Php880 for a 30 ml tube


I was lucky enough to try Marilou Bio’s day cream, “Crème Visage Jour”, which is a moisturizing day treatment made of aloe vera, shea butter and jojoba oil, all natural ingredients that can sufficiently moisturize and soften skin. With our weather hot and humid compared to France’s, I was surprised to see that the day cream was non-sticky and very easy to apply on the skin. I especially love the mild citrus scent and the fact that the cream makes it easy for me to blend powdered make-up!



Marilou Bio Moisturizing Body Milk, Php1100 for a 100 ml tube


The Lait Corps Hydratant–Moisturizing Body Milk–also contains the same skin-nourishing moisturizers in the day cream. And yet, it’s my favorite of the two. Why, you ask? It’s because of the sunflower plant oil that helps make the product a much more effective moisturizer. A little goes a long way, and the smell reminds me of citronella and milky body lotions. What can I say. I just really love citrus!


Cutieverse Sells Hemp.



Merry Hempsters Cut and Scrape Salve, Php500 for an ~18 gram tube


Hemp Seed Oil-based products, that is. This may be the only time When in Manila is going to be raving about organic cannabis sativa.


The Merry Hempsters’ Vegan Hemp Cut and Scrape Salve is an antiseptics, antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory product that contains a low amount of THC so it’s safe for use. The product works wonders for preventing infection to spread on the skin. I have used it on a few cuts and scrapes my pets at home caused and the salve somehow made the pain go away. The salve also moisturized my skin a bit, I think!


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