YouOrganic Skincare: Delicious Smelling Organic Products from Ireland

When in Manila and in need of a product that will make yourself smell oh-so-irresistible, then you might want to try looking a bit farther to find unique products that you can never find anywhere in the archipelago.

Try YouOrganic Skincare, an indie cosmetics company based all the way in Dublin, Ireland. Ursula Elmes founded the company just last year, and it was her severe skin reaction to a well known skin care brand that convinced her to formulate her own skin care products. With her background as an acupuncturist and holistic skin therapist, she immediately began conconcting her own products using  essential oils and herbs. After applying her own formulation to her skin everyday, it completely healed! 


YouOrganic The Orange Collection


With the success of her formula in healing her skin, Ms Ursula then decided to develop a product line using natural ingredients that work in synergy with our skin. YouOrganic was eventually born after countless hours of testing and product design. YouOrganic’s natural skin care line is gentle on skin as it contains no artificial chemicals. Ingredients are sourced from fair trade suppliers, and the company itself is against animal testing.

Word to the wise: While the products do smell great, they are not meant for consumption. Do not eat!

Product Review: Orange & Bergamot Body Lotion

YouOrganic Orange and Bergamot Body Lotion.yos_01
Before I was able to try the lotion, I already knew that Ms Ursula’s products don’t contain harsh and synthetic ingredients that other brands have. What I didn’t expect was how the lotion absolutely smells incredibly delicious! It’s like candy without the syrupy sweet smell, or like perfume without the overpowering scent. The smell is just right!
So not only is the lotion entirely natural and organic, it’s delicious smelling too. Personally I’m in love with it. Every time I catch a whiff of it I can’t resist exclaiming, “Ang bango!” (“Goodness, this smells so good!”)
A tiny amount of product surprisingly goes a long way, too. Just a pea-sized amount can cover the entire back of my hand and go all the way to a portion of my upper arm. It goes on smoothly and evenly, and even in this tropical weather the product is never sticky nor greasy. Could not emphasize this enough. YouOrganic Skincare’s body lotion definitely surprised me when I realized that it’s non-sticky and non-greasy. Now I just love it even more.
YouOrganic Lotion on Hand
 Product applied on back of hand
YouOrganic Lotion on Hand - Absorbed
 Product rubbed evenly on back of hand
With the lotion’s delicious smell, great moisturizing properties and non-sticky and non-greasy feel, YouOrganic Skincare should definitely be one indie brand to watch in 2013.
YouOrganic Skincare‘s 2012 product line includes:
        • Orange & Bergamot Body Lotion
        • Orange & Neroli Night Balm
        • The ‘Órange’ Collection
        • Lip Balm + Holder Limited Edition
        • Orange & Mandarin Lip Balm
        • Orange & Cinnamon Soy Woodwick Candle

When in Manila, it never hurts to try and own products that haven’t been found in the Philippines. (At least not yet.)



YouOrganic Skincare

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YouOrganic Skincare: Delicious Smelling Organic Products from Ireland