Cupcakes, Desserts and Sweets: The Sweet Life by Ange

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Well, let me start out by telling you that Ange started baking in high school. Her pastries and goodies were soooooo good, like sooooo good soooo good, that people started wanting it more and more. So, she set up a little business where she sold a few to friends and family. Of course, anything that’s as good as her cupcakes wouldn’t stay a secret for long.

Very soon after that, orders from all over started coming in. Before she knew it, Ange had set up a mini home business and was even recognized as an aspiring young entrepreneur!

The Sweet Life by Ange was born!

The Sweet Life by Ange Cupcakes Desserts Sweets Sweetlife WHENINMANILA feature When In Manila 9

Her best seller is The Sweet Surrender cake which is her version of the Brazo de Mercedes… with Ice Cream! It’s layer upon layer of ultimate sweet temptation that will make you surrender yourself for more!

Sweet surrender brazo de mercedes with ice cream taste of heaven wheninmanila when in manila

The Sweet Surrender: Brazo de Mercedes unlike you’ve ever tasted before. A mélange of soft meringue, custard and French Vanilla ice cream on a graham cracker crust.

Sweet surrender brazo de mercedes The Sweet Life By Ange Featured on WHENINMANILA When In Manila

This Sweet Surrender cake is also available in mango, strawberry, and chocolate (by special request).

Other than the Sweet Surrender, you also need to check out their other bestsellers – Ange’s Signature Cupcakes!!!

Marie Antoinette Cupcakes

marie antoinette

A Vanilla cupcake with Tequila Rose buttercream (available in virgin, as well). If the frivolous queen had gotten a bite out of this cupcake, she certainly would have said “Let them eat cupcakes!

” instead. A buttery vanilla cake is topped with a swirl of Tequila Rose buttercream and a cherry on top! (also available in virgin). That’s the Marie Antoinette cupcake.

Chanel Cupcakes

chanel cupcake

A moist chocolate cupcake with Valrhona buttercream, the Chanel Cupcake is a luscious chocolate experience inspired by the timeless label. The edible silver candy on top is reminiscent of the brand’s popular hand-woven handle. Tres jolie!

Sugar Daddy Cupcakes

sugar daddy cupcake

A moist chocolate cupcake with Bailey’s buttercream. Diamonds are so five minutes ago. Cupcakes are a girl’s new best friend, especially this one. A creamy Bailey’s-infused buttercream frosting lavishes on a moist chocolate cupcake. Luxurious would be an understatement!

Satine Cupcakes

A red velvet cupcake with cream cheese. The Sparkling Diamond of the Moulin Rouge encompassed beauty, freedom, and love. Her cupcake counterpart is certainly no exception. A rich, moist red velvet cupcake coupled with an alluring cream cheese frosting. The Satine cupcake is a delicious sin indeed!

And MANY MORE other cupcakes, desserts, and sweets!

The Sweetlife by ange WhenInManila cupcakes manila philippines desserts sweets

So next time, When In Manila, satisfy your sweet tooth and order some home-made goodies from “The Sweet Life by Ange!” Be sure to try out their specialty and bestseller: The Sweet Surrender, Brazo de Mercedes. Get a taste of  The Sweet Life Cupcakes that’ll have you on a sweet sugar high that’ll last for days!

The Sweet Life by Ange

5B Mabini Street, Barangay Poblacion, Makati

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