Crepeman Sucat: The Newest Superhero of Crepes in the South!

Batman, Wonder Woman (who has an upcoming movie in June 2017, btw) , Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Ant-Man. We all know who they are and what they can do, but do you know ‘Crepeman‘ and what ‘it’ can do? Well, Crepeman is a cafe that mainly serves a wide variety of yummy, crispy crepes and they recently opened their newest branch in the South at Santana Grove, Sucat!

Since I live in the South and I learned that the newest ‘superhero of crepes’ was just within my radar, I decided to invite a couple of friends to hop onto the mobile, and check out Crepeman‘s decadent offerings to the human race!


(Yep, I believe that’s Crepeman right there, with the red toque and dandelion apron giving us that thumbs up)

Crepeman Sucat is located at the second floor of Santana Grove, situated in the middle of an outsourcing company’s office and a beauty salon. It is the only Crepeman branch in the South of Metro Manila. All of its brothers are in the Northern area (Pasig, Rizal, and Quezon City).



Crepeman’s Menu

If you decide to have more than just their delightful savory or sweet crepes, you have a whole lot more to choose from! You want tapa with rice and egg? A mocha frappe? Wintermelon milk tea? A strawberry milkshake? A kiwi smoothie? Or perhaps you want some espresso balls???!!  Yes, Crepeman has them (and at very reasonable prices, too).

Since choosing which ones to try was too challenging, we decided to ask for help from Crepeman’s sidekicks, Crishel, Charry and Alicia. After identifying the stars of the menu, the green uniform-donning Crepeman team assembled to prepare the food.


Ms. Charry preparing the coffee to be used for the espresso ballssssss (putting emphasis on balls as I’ve never tried consuming espresso in any shape or form hahaha)

As we awaited for the crepes’ arrival, we had some refreshments in the form of an icy, sweet mango cooler and a good’ ol childhood favorite, an oreo milkshake (Php95). After a few sips, our first set of crepes arrived! The savory crepes were first in line and we had our taste of the piquant Philly’s Cheesesteak (Php99) and the stuffed Mix It Up (Php120) crepes.



For the price of Php69, the Mango Cooler is a steal with its large serving.


If you want a savory mix of beef and cheese, then Crepeman’s Philly Cheesesteak is for you. Valued at almost a hundred, it’s a crispy crepe squeezed with grounded beef, caramelized onion, and Che-Vital cheese.


A delightful set featuring the aforementioned snack and drink, and Mix It Up, a snack engulfing ham, bacon, tuna, cheesedog, corn, and lettuce in one crunchy crepe, and the Oreo Milkshake.

One of my friends was really hungry as he was not able to eat lunch due to the intense Saturday traffic in Paranaque (y’all Paranaque inhabitants know what I’m talking about hahaha). Good thing Crepeman has an all-day breakfast menu to choose a heavier meal from, which includes Boss’ Longganisa (Php109), Kernel Corn Beef (Php109), Crepeman’s Tapa (Php119), Breakfast Crepe (Php119), and Pares de Manila (Php139).


I had a taste of  my friend’s Crepeman’s Tapa, and I really liked the beef’s tenderness and the rich taste that explodes in your mouth, especially when the beef is dipped in its beloved sidekick, suka (vinegar).

As seen in the menu above, Crepeman has two types of crepes: the savory ones and the sweet ones. Since we already some savory crepes, it was high time for some sweet crepes! We got to try the Ferrero (???!!!) Crepe (Php79) and the Special Mango Crepe (Php89).


The Ferrero Crepe is topped with vanilla ice cream with pieces of peanuts and a mixture of Nutella and Ferrero spread underneath.


It’s safe to say that most of us love mango, right??? Well, Crepeman’s Mango Crepe makes sure that that all-time favorite fruit is placed in a crispy crepe with some choco spread, whipped cream, and white kisses, making this snack one of the best-sellers of Crepeman.

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