LOOK: The First Photos of Spider-Man’s Costume Have Been Released

I had my doubts about the reboot of Spider-Man when I first heard the news, but after watching Civil War and seeing Tom Holland do his magic, all of those doubts instantly vanished.

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Tom Holland doesn’t just make for an excellent Peter Parker, but he looks great in the suit, as well. Obviously, the excitement is even higher now that Spider-Man: Homecoming is filming. I’m so excited for the movie, in fact, that I’m gonna share these first photos of Tom in his Spidey costume on set, even though there’s not much going on in them. :p

Spider-Man Costume 1

Spider-Man Costume 2

Spider-Man Costume 3

Naturally, there will be much  more action than this (and much more of Aunt May, you fanboys, you!), but this is a good start to stirring up all of that Spidey excitement again. What do you think of Tom Holland as Spider-Man? 🙂 Share your thoughts with us!