Creme Brulee meets Brown Sugar Milk Tea in this exciting mashup yet!

And guess what? Their first branch is located in BGC!

Photo courtesy of Fire Tiger Philippines

Milk Tea has been making waves in the Philippines for quite some time, with both international and local brands sprouting up all over the Metro. And while Taiwan is known as the source of most famous brands, Bangkok actually has a few up their sleeve— one of which includes Fire Tiger.

Established last 2018, Fire Tiger started out as a menu item in Seoulcial Club, a Korean-style cafe in Bangkok. A brown sugar milk drink with boba pearls and a torched creme brulee top, this drink quickly became a huge hit among patrons, spurning owners to open their first kiosk. And good news! This milk tea brand has landed in Manila, with its first-ever branch located at Bonifacio High Street!

Last February 25, Fire Tiger opened their doors (or should I say jaws) to the public and long lines are to be expected. The only milk tea shop to date that serves their drinks straight from the tiger’s mouth, you’ll know you’ve come to the right place when you’re greeted with this sight:

Fire Tiger makes the ever-so-popular brown sugar milk tea drinks more fun by adding embellishments that not only give it an IG-worthy appearance but also add to the flavor. Their drinks include a combination of mainstay ingredients like milk, brown sugar pearls, brown sugar syrup, and the torched creme brulee top. On the other hand, you can mix things up by choosing a tea base for that caffeine boost, or adding brown sugar jelly or pudding and crunchy cheese, cornflakes or black sugar on top.

And did I mention that they cook their brown sugar pearls in front of you over a large wok? It’s a real treat for the eyes!

Check out their menu here:

Photos courtesy of Fire Tiger Philippines

Fire Tiger Milk Teas are rich, creamy, sweet and sometimes crunchy— an interplay of various textures and sweetness that make this brand a different experience unlike any other. A real treat for the young ones or even the young at heart!

Fire Tiger Philippines

Address: B2, Bonifacio High Street, Taguig City

Instagram: @firetigerph

Facebook: Fire Tiger Philippines

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