Crazy Chick – The Newest Wings Place in BF Homes

I’m a huge fan of wings. When done right, I’d be very willing to spend a huge amount of money on wings. So, when I come across highly affordable wings that are incredibly delicious at the same time: that place automatically gets my vote. Well, that’s exactly what Crazy Chick has to offer.

Crazy Chick BF Homes Wings interiors 1

Located along President’s Avenue right across from Caltex, Crazy Chick is the newest wings place in BF Homes that every wings lover simply has to visit.

Crazy Chick BF Homes Wings interiors 3

The interiors themselves are reason enough to go – with witty phrases scattered all across the intimate space. Even the menu is filled with witty hugot names like Main Chick for the main dishes and Side Chick for the side dishes; Crazy, Wacko and Mental for the sizes; and even a “Lime a Virgin” wings flavor.

Crazy Chick BF Homes Wings interiors 2

Photo opps everywhere while waiting for your food!

And when the food arrives? WORTH IT!

Crazy Chick has various wings flavours to offer, all of which are flavorful and delicious. They’ve got Classic BBQ, Mango Sriracha, Asian Zing, Hot Chick, Garlic Parmesan, Caribbean Jerk, Dijon Honey and Lime a Virgin.

Crazy Chick BF Homes Wings 3

My favorite so far is the Mango Sriracha and what I love about it the most is that you don’t have to worry about ordering it if you are with friends who aren’t fond of spicy food because you can special order your levels of spice as needed.

Crazy Chick BF Homes Wings 2

Most of my friends preferred this one, but they are all well worth the taste. And at only Php per basket, you can try all of them without burning a hole in your wallet.

Crazy Chick BF Homes Wings 1

If you don’t want to deal with bones, you can also try their tenders. Unlike in other wings places where tenders can get, well, not-so-tender; the tenders at Crazy Chick are incredibly soft and easy to eat. Plus, if you visit Crazy Chick on a Monday or a Wednesday, you can buy some wings and get free tenders with them for only Php130. So much win!

Crazy Chick BF Homes Wings Gloves

Even if there are bones, though, fret not, for you can request for gloves and eat them with your hands to your heart’s content.

Crazy Chick also offers other types of food in case you decide to dine with people who aren’t huge wings people. They have burgers that are equally flavorful and tender, for example, and some of the best pasta dishes I have tried in the South!

Crazy Chick BF Homes Wings Pasta

Yes, their pasta is a must-try!

Crazy Chick BF Homes Wings Nachos

And their nachos? The cheese on it is so good, I would order it for the cheese itself!

Of course, a meal wouldn’t be complete without dessert, and Crazy Chick takes things up a notch in terms of creativity when it comes to this one. Crazy Chick’s dessert is called the Waffella and is personalized with your name in Nutella jar form.

Crazy Chick BF Homes Wings Solo Waffella Dessert

It comes in different flavors, as well: Hazelnut Brownie Fudge, Salted Caramel, Crazy Cookie and S’more-prise. All of them are perfect for people with a real sweet tooth, and the waffles exist to balance out the sweetness with their saltiness.

Crazy Chick BF Homes Wings Group Waffella Dessert

The waffles were a tad too salty for my taste, though, and the dessert itself was a tad too sweet for some of my friends, so I’d suggest sharing one with someone first to see how you feel about it. Maybe get a combination of your names on the dessert jar name sticker for the ultimate Instagram goals? :p

Crazy Chick is open from 11am to 2pm and 4pm to 10pm. Get your wings fix today!

Crazy Chick

15 President’s Ave. cor. Elizalde, BF Homes, Paranaque City

Instagram: @crazychickph