Craving for delicious and affordable Kebab? Visit Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, the World’s Biggest Kebab Chain!


When in Manila, most people surely missed eating beef or chicken meat during the Holy Week! Now that abstinence time is finally over, why not eat some delicious yet affordable Kebab and savor the meaty experience again?


Kebab Turki Baba RafiTry Kebab Turki Baba Rafi to satisfy your meaty cravings!


Tagging along my office mates who’ve been craving for kebab even before the Holy Week, we accepted the meaty challenge to try Kebab Turki Baba Rafi’s mouth watering kebabs. For some, this might be a new name for Kebab but guess what, they are very famous in Indonesia with almost 1,000 kebab stores out there! They are also present in Malaysia and are now in the Philippines to spread the goodness of their delicious Kebabs, and continue to be the world’s biggest kebab chain! Woah!


Kebab Turki MalaysiaKebab Turki Baba Rafi Malaysia (photo from Kebab Turki Facebook page)


Their first branch opened in Ayala last November 2012 and since then, Kebby* lovers from the different offices located in the Makati area often visit the store located at Dela Rosa 1 Carpark. What do they love to eat in Kebab Turki? RJ Fabella, one of the members of Kebab Turki Phils’ Marketing team revealed that the Beef Kebab is the branch’s best seller!


Kebby Mascot*Meet Kebby, Kebab Turki’s mascot in Robinsons Manila (photo from Kebab Turki Phils Facebook page)


RJ recommended to try their best beef kebab for first timers like us! After waiting for some precious minutes, our first round of kebab came in with Kebab Turki’s unique and refreshing drinks! Weee! We’re all excited to open our beef kebabs!


Kebab Feast!Beef Kebab feast for 6! Can’t wait to open it!


BUT WAIT, before we started munching on our yummy beef kebabs, we first read and followed the simple steps on how to open Kebab Turki’s cute and very creative packaging! Wanna learn it? Here’s how:


Steps 1-2: Open the carton flaps

Open Flap


Step 3: Pull up the red tab

Pull up!


Step 4: Enjoy your Kebab with style (and smile)! 🙂

Enjoy with style!


So easy and enjoyable, right?




We were all delighted by Kebab Turki’s beef kebab as it filled our hungry stomachs! We enjoyed every bite of its pure meat wrapped in thin and soft tortilla roll! With 101% pure beef, fresh veggies, and their special garlic sauce, our dinner turned out to be a great beef kebab experience! Very MEATY & YUMMY! 101% TASTY!


beef kebabKebab Turki Beef Kebab (regular size) for only P80


During our visit, I am lucky to have with me a friend who grew up in Indonesia, Vi-Ann Singson. She said that the taste of Kebab Turki is really authentic, and she’s very happy to discover that Kebab Turki Baba Rafi has now branches here in Manila! She missed Indonesian food as we ate the yummy beef kebab.


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