Craving for delicious and affordable Kebab? Visit Kebab Turki Baba Rafi, the World’s Biggest Kebab Chain!


After eating the yummy beef kebab, we got thirsty! Good thing we were so refreshed with the drinks that paired perfectly with the beef kebab. We all had a taste of Kebab Turki’s cold and healthy drinks: Lemonade, Sweet Tamarind, and their Amazing Matcha!



(Thank you to Vi-ann for the photos below)

lemonadeLemonade, our dose of Vitamin C 


matchaIt’s really AMAZING! The Matcha drink is my favorite for calcium intake!


sweet tamarindIt’s not just sweet but also rich in vitamins & minerals!


All of these special drinks from Kebab Turki tasted really good because they’re not to sweet and were blended really well. My favorite pick is their Amazing Matcha drink because it has that distinctive milk and green tea taste! Yum!


After the first round of eating kebab, one of the bosses from the Kebab Turki head office, Mr. Parker Ong arrived to welcome us and told us more stories about their awesome kebab products! He also shared that they are exploring the possibilities of having kebab rice meals in the future, now that they’re serving kebab to rice lovers, the Pinoy customers!


Next stop is the Chicken Kebab! We had the junior size for this round because we already felt full after eating the yummy beef kebab.


chicken kebabMy friends enjoying the Chicken Kebab Jr.  (P65)


I had a bite of the tasty chicken kebab and I must say, two thumbs up to Kebab Turki for their very tender chicken meat! They really prepare great tasting kebabs made of quality ingredients and spices. What’s more special is their pull-up carton which will let you eat your kebab in style, no mess at all! It’s something that you must take with you inside the cinemas and anywhere else if you’re hungry! Super mouth watering, I promise!


While my friends were eating the tasty chicken kebab, I had the chance to try their Fruit Kebab which they call as Chocoban, perfect for dessert!


chocoban kebab squareWhat a sweet way to end my Kebab feast: Eat the Chocoban fruit Kebab


While eating the Chocoban fruit kebab, I felt like I’m eating a crepe. This sweet kebab, available for an unbelievable price of P55 is made of mango and banana slices, topped with sweet chocolate syrup and some sprinkles wrapped in the same tortilla roll that will make your day! Peeps, this one’s a must try for everyone with the sweet tooth!


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