Crave Burger: The Burger that Won’t Kill Your Diet

When in Manila and craving for the perfect burger that will actually fill you up without burning a hole in your wallet or kicking your diet in the butt, Crave Burger should be the first burger place on your mind. The good news is that Crave Burger has branches all over the Metro, including various branches in Quezon City, Makati, and Las Pinas (for a complete list of branches, please check out the Crave Burger Facebook page – link is at the bottom of this post).


For our Crave Burger fix, my friends and I visited the Crave Burger branch in Bonifacio Global City, which is just two doors down from the Starbucks in Burgos Circle! 🙂 The logo is a bit small, though, so keep your eyes peeled! 😀


Crave Burger


Since I am the resident early bird of the group, I made it to Crave Burger pretty early with Gelo and we were able to talk to Earl Santos, the owner of Crave Burger himself, about the ins and outs of burgers. He made sure we didn’t just fill our tummies that day, but our minds, as well. Naks!


Crave Burger definitely stands out from the rest of the burgers out there for various reasons:


Crave Burger Sides


Crave Burger


Let’s start with the Crave Burger sides, shall we? I don’t know about you, but a burger is never complete for me without fries. And we had various choices in terms of fries at Crave Burger. They have skinny fries, wedge fries and twister fries, the latter of which is pictured above. All of the Crave Burger fries are cooked to beautiful, golden-brown perfection. And the same goes for their onion rings. If you want rice instead, then Crave Burger has that, too! 🙂


What makes these Crave Burger sides so great, though, is that they don’t leave any nasty oil stains behind. I’m sure you know which oil stains I’m talking about. The ones that get under your fingers after you eat fast food and make you regret the decision of eating a burger and fries to begin with coz you later on feel that very oil seeping out of your pores? Too graphic? Well, you won’t experience any of that nastiness at Crave Burger. In fact, once you finish your Crave Burger fries – and you will… every single one… – you will hardly see any oil stains on the paper underneath them. It’s like magic!


Crave Burger Boneless Chicken Wings


Crave Burger


Yes, you read that right. The Crave Burger chicken wings are boneless. And you know what else? The Crave Burger chicken wings are big. Bigger than your average chicken wings – that’s for sure! You’ll definitely get your money’s worth with them coz they are delicious. And again: no nasty oil stains.


Crave Burger Drinks


I don’t know if any of you guys are fitness buffs, but ever since I started my weight loss journey with barre3 Philippines, I’ve made it a point to watch what I eat and drink these days. In fact, mixed alcoholic drinks aside, I don’t resort to soft drinks at all anymore.


Fortunately, Crave Burger has a lot of options available for people like me in the form of red iced tea, blue lemonade, milkshakes, coffee and hot chocolate. Sir Earl convinced me to try out the hot chocolate at Crave Burger and I’m really glad I did coz it started to rain a lil bit outside and you know that hot chocolate and rain are the perfect combination, right?


Which is actually why I went outside of Crave Burger to take some Instagram photos of me having hot chocolate in the rain. Haha! Don’t judge! :p


Crave Burger


Read the next page to find out all about the lean and healthy burgers at Crave Burger! 🙂