LOOK: “Cozy Grove” is Like “Animal Crossing”… But Haunted

Looking for a new game similar to ‘Animal Crossing’? If so then you might want to check out ‘Cozy Grove’.

‘Cozy Grove’ is set on an island of the same name where whimsical but dead creatures abide. You play a Spirit Scout, who has to collect badges and bring life back to the colorless island. While you had to prettify your island on ‘Animal Crossing’ by collecting resources and constantly paying off your debt, you need to colorize your world in ‘Cozy Grove’ by doing daily tasks given by spirits on the island. Unlike ‘Animal Crossing’, you will get quests to build your relationships with the island spirits every day… which gamers have said is a good thing because it doesn’t feel as overwhelming as ‘Animal Crossing’.

Cozy Grove

‘Cozy Grove’ is said to be perfect for people who loved the premise of ‘Animal Crossing’ but didn’t like the “pressure” that came with it — the need to go online at certain hours of the day or even certain days to get good deals, for example. You can spend a mere 30 minutes playing the game every day without any pressure or rush, ensuring that you take breaks from the game. It’s basically a low-maintenance version of ‘Animal Crossing’, which sounds perfect for me.

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