Courageous Caitie’s Loved Ones Celebrates Her With Everything She Loves Including Star Wars Storm Troopers


3 year old Caitlin Soleil Lucas, who has been battling a rare type of Leukemia has unfortunately passed away. Courageous Caitie’s story has gone viral for a reason: it has touched the hearts of many. Early in 2016, she had an undiagnosed disease that doctors couldn’t identify. They went to Singapore to get treatment and in March 2016, she was diagnosed with juvenile myelomonocytic leukemia, a rare type of cancer of the blood.

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Feliz and Jayjay, the parents of Courageous Caitie celebrated her life one last time with all the things that Caitie loved. Her favorite color, car, breakfast and Star Wars–of course.

They started the morning with Caitie’s favorite breakfast. The celebration was a beautiful pink parade. Her mom wore pink even though it wasn’t her favorite color. They used a firetruck since Caitie loved fire trucks.






Courageous Caitie will be missed.

Did you like Caitie’s celebration? 


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